Lose yourself in the service of others.


We view recruiting through the lens of the Project Lean Nation Core Values. PLN is inspired by those taking advantage of the moments that make up the day by being enthusiastic about every situation. We look for the individual’s waking up to their routine and getting after the daily grind, making their life and everyone involved better for it.

A person who has full control of their actions and emotions and understands the impact their decisions have on the community as a whole. If you have the drive to reach your full potential and learn practices to enhance those around you, you may be the next PLN Hero.


Store Assistant Manager

40+ Hours Per week

The store manager oversees the majority of operating systems, delegating tasks through the Key Leaders. They have a keen eye for efficiency and see room for growth in all aspects of the business as well as creating and implementing new written processes and properly informing team members of best practice. They also oversee local community initiatives and liaise with counterparts from across all markets to uphold our client experience and brand continuity. Major areas of responsibility include recruiting, developing, managing, motivating, and training team members. Other key areas of focus are floor management, scheduling, administration, inventory management, store systems/programs, communication to and from leadership, community and guest education, and most importantly, culture!


12-24 Hours Per week

At the root of our business are our Educators. They are on the front-lines providing unparalleled customer service. Educators genuinely care about the lifestyles our clients lead and provide support, accountability, and education wherever needed. Through thoughtful conversation, these individuals lead our team to success by bringing the true issues at hand to the surface. Whether it is a systems error or an individual’s dissatisfaction with service, an educator can diffuse a situation and use the proper channels to problem solve and create a better experience or work environment. This is truly the most important role in our company and we rely on our educators to authentically share our culture and brand with the community.

Key Lead

24-40 Hours Per week

Our Key Leads are the conduit to the leadership team. Not only do they get the opportunity to interact first hand with our clients, they also have the opportunity to support and cultivate the energy of our store. These individuals are constantly handling adverse situations while using our core values to guide their decisions. The main duties of the Key Lead are to supervise the retail floor, take initiative, delegate work and provide feedback to the team, as well as follow up on outstanding issues and is a star “go to” person.

PLN-Social Strategist

12-24 Hours Per week

Not to be confused with someone who “Plays” on Facebook. The primary function of this position is growing and managing our brands’ online social presence. Our current social networks consist our valued connections and your task will be to nurture these relationships with the end goal of driving our friends and guests to a deeper level of engagement in the PLN community. This position is important to the development of our brand position because essentially its the digital voice of PLN. This position requires an education in the latest social strategies across multiple channels and a proven track record. In addition its important for the messaging to be authentic so we are looking for someone who embodies the healthy lifestyle in all ways. The primary goal is to cultivate the engagement that helps educate, challenge and inspire our members. Additionally, find opportunities to engage and introduce our brand in a meaningful way to new prospective members.


24-40 Hours Per week

Our Allocator position is a behind the scenes orchestra instructor, think of a strong administration role that operates more like a quarterback than a operations manager. This position requires an associate that has a strong attention to detail, is an analytical thinker, and works well in a team-oriented environment. This person is responsible for the execution of allocations and leading client services across multiple PLN channels including retail stores and e-commerce. This person will be responsible for managing the flow of subscription members out of the distribution center and making sound recommendations on client retention strategies. The allocator will be the primary driver of managing our back end consumer experience systems.

Our Mission

We are a next generation nutrition company, leveraging science backed nutritional philosophies that seek to elevate the health and well-being of our community. We deliver results by providing educational tools to create and enhance goals while supporting each client in the development of becoming their best self.