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✅   Seamless meal planning

✅   Schedule check-ins with ease

✅   Effortless order management

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Feature 1
Real-time coaching and tracking
Feature 1
24+ delicious meals on our rotating menu
Feature 3
Unique plan designed with a nutrition coach

Manage Your Meal Plan with Ease

Discover the power of personalized nutrition. Our 1:1 coaching, combined with custom meal plans and tech-driven insights, transforms challenges into victories.

✅   Browse 24+ meals on our rotating menu

✅   Skip orders any time

✅   Instant access to nutritional information


Schedule Check-Ins Effortlessly

Keep your health journey on track with easy scheduling for check-ins and consultations. Your dedicated coach is always just a tap away.

✅   Calendar integration

✅   Reminders and alerts


Nutrition Facts, Right in Your Pocket

Access detailed nutritional information for each meal, helping you make informed choices every day.

✅   Macro breakdowns

✅   Ingredient & allergen lists

✅   Caloric information


Referral Program: Give $20, Get $20

Share the benefits of Project LeanNation with friends and family. For every referral, you get $20, and they get $20 off their first purchase.

✅   Easy, One-Click Referral Process

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✅   No limit on referrals


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