Personalized Nutrition Designed For Your Goals

Every body is unique and have different goals - that's why our coaches meet with all members one-on-one to craft plans as unique as you!

✅   Free one-on-one tech-driven consultations designed for your goals

✅   InBody composition scans offer a deep look at what your body needs

✅   Local nutrition coaches turn insight into actionable success

4.8 /5 - from 1,200+ reviews

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1:1 consultation to craft your plan
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Routine check-ins with your coach
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All-inclusive approach

What To Expect During Your Consultation

Nutrition coach consultations are always one-on-one, personalized to your goals and needs, and always free!

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Assess Goals and Difficulties

You and your coach will identify key health goals you have and understand difficulties you've had in the past trying to reach them

InBody Scan and Walkthrough

You'll step onto our state of the art InBody 270 body compositon scanner, giving you and your coach insight into your body's needs to achieve your health goals

Craft Your Personalized Plan

Using your InBody insights, you and your coach will create a nutritional plan that fits your body's needs and lifestyle goals

Choose Your First Meals

The tastiest part of your new personalized plan is choosing your first week of meals from our menu of 24+ options!


What Is The InBody 270?

Our InBody 270 composition scanner is a state of the art scale that offers insight into your body's composition, hydration, how you metabolize calories, and more!

✅   Track your success with clear insight and guidance

✅   Feel confident knowing what your body needs from your plan

✅   Always free for members with coach guidance with each scan


Free One-on-one Coaching With All Meal Plans

Discover your full potential with a dedicated guide by your side. Our one-on-one coaching, paired with personalized nurition plans turn every challenge into a win.


Hear From Some Of Our Members Who Achieved Their Healthy Lifestyle Dreams!

PLN coaches have helped thousands transform their lifestyles into healthy living they're proud of - and you can too!

I love the convenience of PLN Meals, they help me stay on track with my macros!

Connie W. Project LeanNation Member

Food is excellent and such a time saver. I've lost over 60 pounds!

Matt M. Project LeanNation Member

Absolutely love PLN! The meals and staff are amazing, I love the atmosphere too!

Mike G. Project LeanNation Member

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and take a genuine interest in your health & well-being!

Brian B. Project LeanNation Member
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Coaching & Consultation FAQs

Looking for more info? Here are the common FAQs members ask

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