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✅   Routine, local community events

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Diverse Community Partners for a holistic experience:
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Inreach and Outreach Events for community building
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Connecting Members And Partners For Mutual Success

Leverage local resources from gyms to med spas to accelerate your health and wellness journey

✅   Gyms, studios, and spin class partners

✅   Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness partners

✅   Med spa, beauty, and health partners


Local Connections For Greater Success

Strong local partnerships enable us to connect members with the right resources at the perfect time


Interested In Partnering With Project LeanNation?

Transform lives through nutrition and community support by becoming a community partner

✅   Gain exposure to a health-conscious community.

✅   Access new clients through mutual promotions.

✅   Enhance your social impact by aligning our missions.


Driving Success Through Community Partnerships

Amplify nutrition and wellness in the community by collaborating with local organizations and resources.

I love the convenience of PLN Meals, they help me stay on track with my macros!

Connie W. Project LeanNation Member

Food is excellent and such a time saver. I've lost over 60 pounds!

Matt M. Project LeanNation Member

Absolutely love PLN! The meals and staff are amazing, I love the atmosphere too!

Mike G. Project LeanNation Member

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and take a genuine interest in your health & well-being!

Brian B. Project LeanNation Member
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Your Questions About Community Partners, Answered

Discover how Project LeanNation collaborates with organizations and individuals to enrich your health and wellness journey.

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