Wholelife Plan
WholeLife meals are designed to provide all the benefits of primal eating in a simple, convenient and easy-to-follow plan and is ideal for anyone with dietary restrictions or those seeking to practice a ‘Paleo-like’ or ‘Gluten-Free’ lifestyle. This program places a emphasis on simplicity and eating more instinctually.

The WholeLife program is engineered to:

-Foster an ideal relationship with nutrition
-Shed unwanted pounds
-Offer rich flavors
-Reduce sugar cravings

WholeLife Meals are rich in healthy fats, moderate in protein and complex carbs and are prepared with all natural lean proteins and
nutrient dense fruits vegetables, roots and tubers.

All Wholelife meals are:
Dairy Free – Grain Free – Gluten Free

Nutritional Structure 
30% Complex Carbohydrates 30% Lean Proteins 40% Essential Fats
Male Portions-      475-525 Calories

*Our aim is to structure the meals with 50% of the carbohydrates coming from plant based sources


What’s best for me?
2 Meals Per DayYou have confidence in eating according to your goals. You want to be responsible for a meal or two a day. You want some quick and easy meals throughout the week to be sure you stay on track.
3-4 Meals Per DayYou are busy and do not have the time to cook any of your meals. Your aim is to maximize results by leaving little room for error on your part.