Our Gift To You

The Secret Sauce

The transformative 21 day breakthrough strategy for you to plow through obstacles and accomplish what you seek in life.

The Secret Sauce

 How does it feel when you break a promise to yourself? This solitary action alone erodes our confidence and character. Adversely when our actions are aligned with our intentions we create unwavering personal integrity. Your belief is the key to unlocking your full potential in all aspects of life. That belief needed is Self-Belief.

 This 21 day strategy is a promise to yourself to take consistent actionable steps towards the person you hope to become. In every way we are the sum of our habits. Committing to this process will provide daily evidence of the consistent and dedicated person that exists within you. The moment you embody this as your core belief literally nothing can stand in your way. Endeavor in this process seriously, this has created life-changing results and will do so for you as well.

 After many self-imposed challenging seasons of life, I realized the only one in my way was me, my ego. I continually made personal commitments to myself but failed short of success. Missing the mark was manageable. The real damage came from knowing in my heart I gave up on myself. I didn’t appreciate myself, respect myself, believe in myself enough to keep commitments to the one person who always matters; me. Cultivating that inner grit didn’t happen overnight; it came through consistent daily actions one day at a time. Committing to the process forever changed my life. It reshaped the way I view myself in the world, and what I am truly capable of. Through this simple strategy, I have experienced victories in life as well as, most importantly cultivated the character, and confidence to embrace every challenge I face. The next logical decision had to be to share it with others.

Tim Dougherty
Project LeanNation