Look Beyond Your Weight

At Project LeanNation, our mission to provide the tools and strategies to secure long-term success.

That’s Where the InBody270 Comes In.

The InBody270 moves the focus away from “weight loss” to body composition (fat loss & muscle gain), creating long-term goals and shifting the perspective to understanding what it means to genuinely transform one’s health.


Basal Metabolic Rate


Percentage Body Fat


Skeletal Muscle Mass

What’s Your Number?

Perhaps the most important number the Inbody270 gives you is your BMI. (Basal Metabolic Rate) This number is the key to unlocking your ability to shed unwanted fat.

Your BMI drives how many calories a day you need to intake to reach your goal.
1) Too few calories and your body eats muscle and stores fat.
2) Too many calories and you store fat.
Trying to reach your goal without knowing what your BMI is first is like trying to hit the bullseye blindfolded, sure, it may happen but odds are, it won’t.

So take off the blindfold, take advantage of our Inbody 270, look beyond your weight and find out what your number is.

Why Does Body Composition Matter?

Put simply, you’ve got to know your body composition if you are in any way serious about managing your weight and improving your quality of life.  Without knowing what you’re actually made of, you can only guess at how much muscle and fat you actually have. Guessing leads to frustration, frustration leads to indifference, and indifference leads to quitting. We will provide you with a full consultation sheet and make dietary recommendations based on your lifestyle and basal metabolic rate.

Knowledge is Key

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What's it Going To Take?

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