Meet real people who used Project LeanNation to achieve their goals.
It worked for them, and it can work for you too!

Prior to joining Project Lean Nation’s program, I was eating a balanced diet but my portions were always too big. My workouts were making me hungry but I only had the time to eat 3x a day. I tried Weight Watchers for about 4 months; I was able to lose 15 lbs. The time it took to record everything that went into my mouth was consuming. I was looking at food labels constantly. I wasn’t able to enjoy my meals anymore. I was more concerned with playing the points game associated with Weight Watchers. My body hit a plateau and I wasn’t losing anymore weight. I changed my workout program several times; the weight still wasn’t coming off. At that point I knew I needed to change the way I eat. There are so many things I love about this program! The number one reason I love this program is that I enjoy what I’m eating! The program gives me the variety of food I look for in my meals. The meals are similar to what you would order at a quality sit down restaurant. Unlike many restaurants, the meal you are eating from PLN, is 100% healthy and full of the nutrients my body needs. When I first began the program, I was skeptical when I saw the portions that I was given; I didn’t think they would fill me up. Within the first week of the program, I trained my body to appreciate the portion sizes of the meals. The meals are perfectly measured and they never leave me hungry for more food. This program has given me not only a leaner physique but more energy to take on the day. Sure working out gives me energy but what I found in these last 7 months is that it’s the combination of the diet and the exercise that keeps me feeling great physically and emotionally. Another benefit I immediately noticed in my first month of the program is that I no longer feel bloated. For a woman, bloating is a very common thing we struggle with and I’m now convinced it has to do with the food we eat. Jessica at Project Lean Nation is an amazing coach! At about six weeks in the program, I was beginning to notice I was starving after my workout in the morning. I contacted Jessica and I told her how I was feeling. She explained that I wasn’t giving my body enough fuel at breakfast to get me through my workout. She recommended I just switch up my breakfast meal on the days I would work out and like magic, it worked! Jessica is always available either by phone or text. She is always cheerful when I communicate with her. She is the type of coach we all want on our team as we go through the PLN journey! I’m a regular at my gym, it’s like my second home, and people there have noticed the changes in my body within the last 7 months. I always give credit to PLN for my success and I highly recommend they too try the program.

Sandy Prattico

This nutrition program has not only taught me healthier eating habits but, has improved my overall quality of life. I have more energy and self confidence than ever before. Not to mention the personalized plan just for me and my goals. Being a full time working mom it just takes the guess work out of having to think about what and when to eat. The food is fantastic and I look forward to each meal.

Kerri Comella Rizzo

” I was in a vicious cycle of lack of sleep, anxiety, missing workouts, and i lived 2 years in a fog because of my demanding work and travel schedule….fixing the food problem was the very first thing I knew I needed to fix.  By taking out the thinking, the shopping, ,the cooking…having awesome food that tastes great immediately at my disposal, has made a significant impact on my quality of life…I feel better, I sleep better, I’m working out again….food is killing people and it was killing me, this is a no-brainer for anyone that want to look and feel healthy”

Patrick Fenton

Project Lean Nation has changed my life in so many ways, I’m a new man inside and out. I feel I have experianced growth physically, mentally as well as spiritually. I love the time savings of not having to cook, the meals taste amazing.I’m actually reaching my fitness goals for the first time. I would highly recommend coming on board and investing in yourself. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Michael Dorofy

As a lifelong fitness and nutritional enthusiast, I am fortunate to have learned, not only how to calculate calories and macro nutrients, but also what the appropriate intake regimen is necessary to accomplish desired  results. With Project Lean Nation’s prepared meal program, I was able to acquire perfectly portioned meals with out the hassle of having to spend time thinking about what I wanted to eat that week or thinking about where the best pricing for the foods I was shopping that week would be. There was no drive to and from the store, no parking. No comparing brands. no waiting in line. no carry the groceries or cooking the foods. As a result I saved hours. I would recommend Project Lean Nation to both those who may already understand exactly what type of nutritional plan they need to accomplish their desired results, but even more importantly the person whom would benefit, not only from the convenience of not having to travel or cook but also from the precalculation of calories and macro nutrients in each meal.

Matt Cotti

As a long time friend to the founder of PLN I help develop the program from its inception. I spent my lifetime as a huge fan of fitness but did notice as I got older nutrition was something that took much more of my attention to remain lean. As a test subject I was shocked of the results I got from the prepared nutrition coupled with our unique approach to fitness training. I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve the same result in life.

Kris Page

After spending my teenage years adopting many unhealthy eating choices I knew it was time for a change. Project Lean Nation not only prepared my food but they also connected me with a trainer that helped me go off to college with a whole new skill set when it came to fitness and nutrition. Lost over 60lbs

Michael Sebastian

Growing up in the inner city I didn’t adopt the best eating habits. In high school and beyond I became an esteemed athlete, even over weight. I could never really shake the fat until the guys at Project Lean Nation consulted me on proper nutrition and fitness.  After making a huge transformation I not only got control over my eating I encouraged my mother to begin her journey and she has already lost over 70lbs herself. I’m also not only teaching my daughter healthy habits I’m living them as to provide example.

Lamar R.

Making my little easier and not having to worry about making poor eating decisions is the reason I have chosen the PLN meal plans. I save probably at least an hour a day on not having to go get food or thinking about what should I eat today. The best part is there is no thought process involved. Every thing is there for you, just eat every 3 hours. I am able to be more productive and eat a variety of delicious food every day. 2 years on the plan and going strong.

Mark Caramanna

As a business professional, I’m always on the run. I’d often find myself going an entire day with out eating. When I finally found the time to stop for a meal, I’d usually indulge in all of the wrong foods and larger portions. Project Lean Nation’s nutritional meal program gives me no more excuses. I have delicious, prepared and HEALTHY meals right at my fingertips. In addition to the convenience, my body looks better and feels healthier than it has in a long time!

Laura Casserino

I have been having food delivered to me from Project Lean Nation for the past 4 weeks now and I am seriously obsessed! After gaining quite a bit of weight and not being able to keep up on weekly meal preps to help keep healthy food prepared for my meals, i decided to give PLN a call and place an order.  Depending on your needs, the package of food you receive is different.  Every Sunday my food is delivered right to my door step, pre packaged and ready for me to take on the week.  This is not a food system that sends you tv dinners packed with preservatives, sodium and cholesterol, its all real food, that is DELICIOUS..they also have a Paleo plan and an organic plan if you want to go that route.  The staff is super friendly and, Jessica, the coordinator for Rochester is extremely knowledgeable about all the meal packages and will be able to answer all your questions.  If you are looking for a great company to help you achieve your weight loss goals, or even just goals of eating healthy, then this is the place you want to call.  I have checked out quite a few different services liek this with int he area, and I think PLN is the best one out there!

Lucin Colakoglu

I have been a Project Lean Nations client for nearly two years. The changes in my life both physically and mentally are immeasurable. I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass. I have increased focus and energy, and no longer need to think about keeping it up. The food arrives every week and its delicious. The staff at PLN provide all the support and motivation I need to make this program a life habit. Lastly the founder and I have forged a great friendship in the process.

Mike Dinardo

The convenience of Project Lean Nation has helped me achieve dedication, healthy eating/portion control and motivation. With the help of PLN it has also pushed me to work even harder when I saw the results I have always wanted. Instead of of giving me reasons why I cant PLN has given me reasons why I can!

Alex Cooley

I work a full-time job 40+ hours a week, on top of that I own small (fitness apparel) start-up company that takes about 30+ hours per week, between time in the gym and traveling for both jobs I couldn’t eat healthy. Having 10+ years in the health and fitness industry I am constantly discussing with people the importance of eating healthy and how a healthy life should be 80% diet and 20%  exercise.  The only constant in my life was change, and I knew that I needed some consistency in my diet, after trying other meal services I reached out to Tim and built a foundation with PLN. I know that when I come home from work, I can have a HEALTHY meal ready to eat in less than 5 minutes, no more stopping at the pizza joint on the way to a meeting, or the gym. PLN makes healthy eating easy, and affordable, the cost effectiveness if PLN is immeasurable, let alone the convenience of grab n go meals. I haven’t used my dishwasher in weeks, my energy levels have spiked, I have more time to relax, and have increased my strength numbers while decreasing my body fat % and overall weight. Obviously I recommend PLN to anyone who wants to lean up, get stronger, and free up time in their life.

Thomas Tartaglia

Tango Charlie Apparel

I cant beleive I had hit 280lbs.. Between opening a MMA gym and coming off knee surgery I truly lacked the motivation to get to my real fight weight. It was time to make a monumental change, and that I did. I had the knowledge when it came to fitness but lacked the execution when it came to nutrition. Project Lean Nation not only educated me but prepared the food. I ultimately lost the weight and was victorious in a championship fight.

Rex O’Corr

Eddie Edwards is a Pro Wrestler who has been wrestling professionally for twelve years, and is currently featured on TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV. He was also one of the first clients to sign up with us before we even opened our doors. As a professional athlete, and one whose physique is quite important to his career, Eddie has found PLN quite useful as a tool to get in the nutrition that he needs to keep his energy levels high, and to look good while doing it. Here’s what he has to say about Project Lean Nation:

“ProjectLeanNation has been a life saver for me. The convenience is unreal; I can’t explain how great it is to know that I don’t have to worry about going to the grocery store or worry about what I am going to make next. When I get back from a traveling on the road, that’s the last thing I want to think about. Not only is it convenient, it is delicious! There is an amazing variety and the menu changes every week. I always look forward to my next meal. Since starting Project Lean Nation, I have noticed my energy levels are through the roof. I’ve been able to turn up the intensity in the gym to really help me try and take my training to the next level. In my line of work I need to be able to train hard and that’s exactly what PLN has helped me do.”

Eddie Edwards

In a tattoo shop, fast food and takeout are always on the menu , until Project Lean Nation. The meals are simple, they are easy to prepare , and are always on hand, they compliment any diet, and make eating healthy, simple, in a fast pace, booked solid day…

John Sniper

Like many full time working mothers, I have always been looking for a quick easy diet plan that will accommodate the busy schedule of working full time and coming home and being a mom as well. My breakfasts consisted of a large mug of coffee then a lunch of some kind of quick frozen meal or snack that I would quickly gobble down while making copies during the day until dinner, which typically consisted of something fast and easy to be able to run to PTA meetings or take my daughter to practice.   I have tried many of the fad diets that advertise loosing weight like Weight Watchers, Atkins, and Advocare. I would never see the results I was hoping for and fall back into the old habits. It wasn’t until I heard about Project Lean Nation and started eating the pre-packaged meals along with coaching and motivation that I finally started losing the kind of weight and also seeing changes in my body that I have been looking for. There weren’t any magical diet pills or fiber drink that he was giving me. All of the progress has just been Tim’s training and encouragement, along with clean eating and hard work. I still eat on the go but now it’s clean, healthy and my body is not storing fat. The physical and mental results have given me the motivation to work out and stay focused. I don’t consider this a diet at all; I consider it a change of life. Thank you Tim!

Andrea Fricano

As a new working mom to a 10 month old and someone adjusting to the changes, I have found PLN to be my savior. PLN helped me immediately get my confidence back as I lost 35 lbs of baby weight in 3 1/2 months. As a new mom, I had time constraints that were managed effectively with not having to shop, prepare or clean up. The time I gained was priceless. Thank you PLN

Erin Enright

Before starting with Project Lean Nation’s prepared meal solutions, I struggled to maintain weight in order to achieve my fitness goals.  Being a working mother of 2, it is not only convenient to have the meals prepared and measured for me, but is essential as fuel for my daily life.   Project Lean Nation had helped my nutrition stay a priority while being busy.

Laura Collins

 I have been training and making consistent progress in the Wolf Brigade strength & conditioning program for 6 years now. My largest hurdle, due to a challenging, variable schedule has been consistency in an intelligent diet. I’ve never eaten badly, but just too much/ too little/ too early/ too far after training, and therefore had less energy some days, and poor recovery on others. The simple, delicious meals provided by PLN have helped eliminate one of the only remaining low-level variables in my training, allowing me to spend much more time and energy on improvement and real recovery, and much less on strategizing my diet.

Mat Potocki

Having a organic prepared meal plan helps me to set myself up for success. I know exactly what I’m going to eat for the day & it takes the guessing out of what I will eat. When I’m hungry and tired, I don’t make the best choices around meal time and then I regret my decision. I feel good mentally, physically & emotionally when I fuel my body with food that is nutritious and delicious. I also know when I make a healthy choice like PLN organic Paleo food plan, it not only benefits me but the well being of the planet & the environment. A total win, win!

Liza Savage-Katz

 Having moved to Rhode Island at the end of August and starting a new job as an eighth grade math teacher, it was easy for me to rationalize why my nutrition should take a back seat in my life. After weeks of frustration and determined to get back on track with my fitness, I joined Full Range CrossFit in Providence, an awesome gym run by a great couple Adam and Alecia. There I found great programming and an awesome community, but my nutrition still was not up to par at home. Working long hours and going to the gym whenever I could, things were looking up but as every fitness guru says, “80% nutrition, 20% gym.”

One day at Full Range I met John Grayko, the man behind Project Lean Nation. Discussing some of my goals with him, I quickly realized that John was willing to do whatever it takes to help me and my fitness goals. Sign me up! I quickly enrolled on Project Lean Nations plan, which was the best thing for my fitness and my taste buds. Fast-forward two months on the PLN plan, and I have seen awesome improvements. With 25# PR’s on my Back/Front Squat, Deadlift, and Clean. Two podium finishes in local CrossFit competitions, and a drop of 2.5% body fat, plus an excess amount of time for me to be able to invest into my students, and whatever other adventure comes up. I cannot praise PLN or recommend it enough to whoever desires the change in their health that they want to see. It will help you achieve your goals, and a year from now, you will wish you’d have started today.”

Cooper Marsh

Project Lean Nation has helped me achieve my goals with motivational texts, e-mails and most importantly with weekly food.  I was working out for two months doing what I always do in the gym but not eating right and only losing five pounds.  Then I found out PLN provided food on a weekly basis and I jumped on board.  Within two months I lost two belt sizes and am currently down three.  I have been on Project Lean Nation 4 months now and don’t plan on stopping.   I like the variety and highly recommend the program.

Doug Rose

As a long time fitness guy I knew how to eat but the pace of my life got away from me. Between being a single dad and business owner many times I thought I had no choice but fast options.  Come to find out I can accomplish my goals physically with out having to sacrifice my health. Not only do I have more time, Im down over 50lbs. Im so excited I invest time in sharing the program with others as a PLN Nutritional Coach. TRUESTORY

Bobby Sobb

Project Lean Nation makes sense on so many levels. You are initially drawn to the concept of healthy eating with obvious weight loss, but there is so much more. The time you save shopping, cooking and cleaning up has so much intrinsic value. I couldn’t imagine not having it now, it borders on luxury at this point.

Todd Enright

Best decision I have ever made for my health was trying the PLN program. I started loosing weight and inches. I felt great and no longer felt the need to take a daily nap. I started to enter many running events and I was over joyed with GAINS! PLN took the thinking out of proper nutrition, more importantly PLN empowered me and gave me control over my life. There is no better feeling the achieving your goals and all I had to do was open the bow weekly, trust my trainer and believe in myself. Special thanks to Tim, Jessica and Team PLN

Chris Hilbert

 As a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. I realize what the importance of nutrient timing is to achieve your fitness goals. That being said prepared meals by PLN are the absolute answer to all the questions of “am I eating enough” “Are the portions correct”. Prepared meals take all the questions out of the equation. Portion, timing and most of all convenience all in one package.

Kody Thompson