Nutritional Structure

Engineered For Measurable Results
All things are created equal, but not the same. Our Lifestyle meal plans are gender specific because they are a guide for anyone looking to become healthier, happier and more fit which requires eating the right amount of the right foods at the right times. What is the same is that both male and female portions promote a balanced metabolism by including rich greens, healthy fats, lean proteins and fiber. These satiating meals will reduce cravings, provide natural energy and lead you towards building healthy habits and becoming a leaner version of yourself.
Calories 300-450*
Essential Fats 30%
Lean Protein 40%
Complex Carbohydrates 30%
Sustainable Fat LossGluten Free
Stimulates MatabolismSoy Free
Portion ControlNo HF Corn Syrup
Increased Focus / EnergyBPA Free Packaging



Nutritional Structure

Instinctually Advanced Nutrition: Paleo Friendly
With a simple and easy to follow plan WholeLife meals include the basic building blocks of nutrition in a wide variety of selections. These great tasting meals are designed by our Executive Chef and contain lean protein sources, abundant heart healthy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds – the same diet our ancestors followed but with new age zest! This plan is ideal for anyone with dietary restrictions or seeking paleo friendly foods with all of the convenience prepared meals can offer.
Calories 475-525
Essential Fats 40%
Lean Protein 30%
Complex Carbohydrates 30%
Sustainable Fat LossGluten Free & Grain Free
Reduces InflammationDairy & Soy Free
Mental ClarityNo HF Corn Syrup
Reduced CravingsBPA Free Packaging



Nutritional Structure

Structured for High Performance
Edge out your competition by dialing in your nutrition! Our Athlete meals bring you to the next level by providing just what your body needs to fuel up for and recover from high-intensity workouts: complex carbohydrates paired with the right amount of complete proteins, healthy fats, and micronutrient-rich vegetables. In addition to clean foods as fuel, the science-based timing of the meals around workouts replenishes glycogen in the muscles to keep you training at your highest level, and by having us provide the meals you have even more time to do it.
Calories 675-725
Essential Fats 20%
Lean Protein 35%
Complex Carbohydrates 45%
Increased StrengthGluten Free
Promotes RecoverySoy Free
Optimal PerformanceNo HF Corn Syrup
Carbohydrate RichBPA Free Packaging

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