Welcome to the LeanNation

First off we would like to congratulate you for taking this step. You have either committed to our program or you are digging into the nuts and bolts on how it works, either way its obvious you are interested in achieving optimal health. Our meal solutions are designed to make a powerful impact on your ability to achieve & exceed your nutritional goals. We couple our products with solid support and lifestyle tools to give our clients everything they need to be successful.

PLN’s mission was born out of the need to assist others to confidently execute their nutrition plans, while gaining a better understanding of a proper, positive relationship with food and sustainable nutritional habits. Our approach is simple, eliminate the pitfalls of dieting so our clients can achieve success.

PLN has done extensive research and consulted with highly respected doctors & nutritionists to formulate programs that provide consistent results as well as a high level of nutritional education. We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards nutritional growth and success.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of your journey, we commend you for taking the first step. Keep an open mind, if you let it- this will change your life!

Best Regards,

Team PLN

What did I get myself into?

The world is full of nutrition advice and the TV is full of 30 day promises, but more often than not people are not satisfied with their diets. By diet, we mean the whole of what you eat on a daily basis, not one of those packaged programs you’re probably familiar with. Here at PLN we wanted to develop a way to help people get healthy and we knew a traditional system wasn’t going to work. After countless hours, days, months and years of consulting with medical professionals, working with nutritionists, and trying different methods, we developed a unique plan that can help you, and anybody, build healthy habits that culminate in a more fruitful, healthy lifestyle. We know it works because we’ve lived it personally and because it offers what others don’t, individualization, sustainability, and support.

The Basics
The truth is there’s nothing basic about what we do, but the beauty is that we make it basic for you. Research indicates that upwards of 70% of diets fail, not dieters, but the diets themselves. From the beginning we’ve understood this and that’s why we aren’t offering a diet, we are supporting you through a transition to a more rich relationship with food than the one you currently have, whatever or wherever you are, and we are doing it in a way that will become a lifestyle. Therefore it is more successful because it is coaching for you, not a diet program. It works because it isn’t one size-fits-all, but it is made just for you. The fact that individualized nutrition is necessary should come as no surprise. In fact, genetics indicate that any given child could have one of 70 trillion different possible genetic expressions! That’s a lot of diversity, meaning of course your nutrition is unique, as humans we are inherently diverse and unique. PLN is here to help you find a nutritional path that meets your individual needs.

We have many success stories and they all begin with walking through our doors and end with a lifestyle developed on their personal needs. You’re already on the path to success because you’ve taken the first step and walked through our doors.  Now it’s time for you to take control of your journey.

What do I have to do?

The thought, research and development that has gone into this program is complex and detailed, but the program itself is simple. You just need to put in the effort and maintain an open mind. We are going to coach you through changes and some of them may make you feel uncomfortable, upset or even seem difficult, but remember: that’s why you’re here, you wanted to change. You are taking control of your life and this is exactly what you need. Here is what the effort looks like:

  • Make a plan: A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Before today, your planning has been super-involved and included shopping, cooking, packaging, preparing, portioning, and all of the other -ings  that thinking about causes stress. Now you only need to plan when you’re going to eat the food we’ve prepared to keep you on track. You took a step through our doors and made a commitment to yourself. We listened and analyzed your goals and needs. Now you have a program that will work for you. Each week we will have a box of food cooked and prepared for you. You just have to follow our simple consumption strategy and come up with a plan,  it is the foundation of your new relationship with food.
  • Timing: As a basic rule of thumb, eating often has been shown to help control appetite, boost mood and concentration, and maintain muscle mass. So how often should you eat to reap the benefits? Aim to eat every three hours for a steady supply of energy throughout the day. Don’t get too hung up on the times, we understand everyone’s schedule is different so get as close to the times as you can. The main goal is to avoid going long periods of time without eating, which leads to irritability, lack of energy, extreme hunger and the occasional devouring of an entire bag of your go-to snack. Consistency is part of the process, so whether you’re used to having coffee for breakfast and lunch, or a ten course meal twice a day, the first step is to get your timing on schedule.

Meal Timing 

The following times are a generic example and can (and should!) be adjusted according to your lifestyle.  Again the rule of thumb is to eat often. If you are one a plan of which we are only providing a percentage of your nutritional needs, you will get ideal results by adding additional meals that follow our nutritional structure and consumption schedule. Use us as a guide and a mirror.


Trust the process: Our suggestion is for you to blindly follow these guidelines for at least phase one of your program: your first four weeks. Read more in the handbook for specific information and details to educate yourself on what the process is, why we recommend it, and how it will help you successfully change your life. Try to keep an open mind when it comes to what you eat. Variety in your diet will help you stay on track and feel engaged in the plan. Although there’s comfort in food, our bodies need diversity to get the proper nutrients and minerals. This may sound like bad news, but did you know that nutritional deficiencies may actually cause you to TASTE food differently? Yes, it’s true. Maybe you can’t bear broccoli or peppers this week, but a few weeks down the road you will adjust. Not only does this allow you to switch up what you eat and even enjoy something you thought you wouldn’t, but you’ll be receiving the best nutrients possible.  Maybe this isn’t what you want to hear, however, we always have your best interests in mind, so we’re gonna tell you how it is. Eat the broccoli.

Take care of yourself: Now that you have some time and mental energy freed up since we’re doing the work in the kitchen, you can dedicate that to the other areas. Your meals are a majority of your calories, but you also need to hydrate and make healthy choices in other areas:

Drinks: Water, and lots of it. 8-10 glasses of cold water a day will improve your digestion, absorption and keep you feeling full. Your calories and macro-nutrients are being met through real food, so avoid drinks that bring stuff to the plate per se, that means no juice (full of natural sugars which are carbohydrates), no soda (full of unnatural sugar and all kinds of other stuff you don’t need), but definitely coffee!

Did you say I can have coffee? Of course. After all, its mostly made of water and calorie-free. We recommend drinking it black.  However, if you can’t bear that- try unsweetened almond milk. What you want to avoid is filling your coffee with loads of creamer and sugar (yes this includes organic/ plant based creamer and no-calorie artificial sweeteners). Think of it this way- is the very first thing you want to put in your body in the morning a cup loaded with sugar and chemicals? That’s not how champions start the day, they start the day with a good ‘ol cup of black joe. Be a champ. Drink black coffee!

Snacks: Before you think about what you want to add to your program, try the current regime for a couple weeks. You’re here because you want to make changes and see results. This means you have to give it time so we can identify what works for you and adjust as necessary. The first week or two will be a great way to determine what’s going to bring you the best results. If you’re feeling that adjustments need to be made after you have a few weeks under your belt, let us know and we can sit down and talk about a new game plan. Remember that what works for your friend may not be what works for you, and what worked in the past won’t necessarily work today. Don’t be discouraged throughout this entire venture, you will be constantly learning about yourself and your eating habits and since it’s a lifestyle, not a diet expect it to change eventually, but let us help you make those adjustments. We are all biochemically unique and it takes a level of self exploration and education to know what will work best for you in the long run. All of that being said, if you find yourself seriously struggling with hunger and adding more water to your regimen isn’t working, your major go-to snack should be vegetables.  Eat them raw or roasted and keep the oil to a minimum.  Dark leafy greens are a great option to eat in-between meals or even with your meals to add some volume. You may be accustomed to snacking on fruit, however were going to challenge you to limit that. While fruit is indeed a healthy option, it is also high in sugar and you can easily rack up calories with multiple servings of fruit.  If you do consume fruit, keep it to 1 serving and shoot for fruits that are low on the glycemic index.

Follow through: You’ve made this commitment to yourself and it is in your best interest to follow through. If you gave an honest four weeks and feel there needs to be change, contact us. We are a team, this isn’t a diet, it’s a collaborative effort and we need your input and communication.

Community and Resources
It takes a village… and we are your tribe. Frequent communication will be integral to your personal success, but you should also build healthy relationships outside of our doors. Find a community that is in line with your goals and have fun joining it. Here are a few suggestions for places to start, but just like with your food, keep your mind open.




How Does It Work??

Each week PLN preps your meals. You eat it based on our recommended consumption schedule. You reach your fitness and nutritional goals. Done Deal!

Can I Choose From A Menu??

Technically, No. However, we do note your preferences. We cannot guarantee all preferences will be met. We will encourage you to challenge some of your preferences in exchange for the pursuit of your nutritional goal. We will do our best to provide you meals that are tasteful to YOU.

What If I Don’t Like Something??

Deal with it. Just kidding. Call us or email our team and will do our best to change your preferences on your next box of food. With that said, try to keep an open mind and stay focused on your goal. The better your focus, the better your results will be.

What Do I Drink??

Water… and lots of it. We recommend 8-10 glasses of cold water per day to accelerate digestion and nutrient transportation. Water is essential to optimal nutrition. If you are looking to add a bit more flavor, try adding a spritz or squeeze of your favorite fruit. Carbonated waters such as a seltzer or club soda are good options as well.

Can I Drink Coffee??

Of course. After all it’s mostly water and calorie free. Try to limit the cream & sugar. We recommend drinking it black but stevia & almond milk are good substitutes for the sweetness and texture of traditional creamers.

How Much Sodium Is In The Meals??

Great question. Many of the “healthy” meal choices that you will see in supermarkets are loaded with sodium. It is done so to preserve the lifespan of the meal. Sodium preserves the meals by preventing bacteria growing in your food. We however, do not add any extra sodium to our meals. Instead, we preserve our meals by flash freezing them after cooking and in its freshest state. We still recommend you eating them within the week in accordance to your meal plan.

So Then How Long Will The Meal Be Good For??

Typically, our meals are good for up to 6 weeks frozen. Again however, you will have the best experience if you eat the meals within the given week of receiving them and specifically when scheduled according to your plan.

What Else Can I Snack On??

We generally recommend ‘sticking to the box’. However, if you are looking for a little extra, adding green, leafy vegetables with calorie-free dressing is allowed. Try to limit fruit. Through healthy, fruits are generally high in sugar. Stick to single portion sizes and fruit that is low on the glycemic index if you are going to indulge.

Are The Shakes That Are Served In The Store OK To Have Every Day??

Although we would love to see you every day while you drop by for a shake, those that start their plan with weight loss as a goal should limit the in store shakes to once a week. Ideally, when you come pick up your box and share your weekly challenges and victories, a shake would be a great option!

How Do I Heat It??

Our containers are designed to be versatile. They are microwaveable, recyclable, dishwasher-safe, freezable and heat rated to 250 degrees F. To Heat, place a thawed meal in the microwave for 2 minutes or place in the oven for 15-20 minutes for that ‘fresh out of the oven’ taste.

How do I Prep Breakfast??

For lifestyle clients, we recommend using 1 cup water, skim milk or unsweetened almond milk to mix in with your morning breakfast shake packet (in box). If you feel you require slightly more calories in the morning, feel free to add ½ cup of rolled oats to your shake. You may also heat it up and try it as oatmeal. Switch it up by adding 1 tbsp of all-natural peanut butter as well.

Will This Guarantee Me Results??

To be blunt. Yes it will. We may need make sure we set realistic expectations and understand all ‘results’ associated with an improved diet, but you will absolutely experience overall results. At the end of the day, food is a necessity; we will just provide you with better quality food inputs. That in and of itself will guarantee results!

What Do I Eat On Day 7??

Day 7 is vital to the educational process of our products. While we love to cook for you, being self-sufficient in your nutritional approach to good health is our real goal. We recommend trying to duplicate our meals on day 7 by reproducing them in our reusable packaging. Make 3 or 4 meals with the same rough portion sizes that PLN provides. If you feel you need it, one meal on Day 7 can also be used as a ‘social meal’ to enjoy a dinner out with family or friends.