Project LeanNation is not just a food or nutrition company, it is built upon the understanding that everyone has a story to be told and everyone is fighting their own battle. As an ambassador we want to give you the tools that you need for success as well as give you the chance to tell your story through our brand.

Our PLN Ambassador program supports a community of highly driven and inspirational people who harness their passion to elevate their communities. PLN Ambassadors not only live our core values they exemplify health in all ways.

We are enthusiastic to welcome new talent to the team and always ready to help those in need to achieve their goals. As an ambassador you do not only receive the benefits of our nutrition but that of our amazing community and group of team members who know what it takes to succeed. We thank you for your interest and passion and look forward to what the future holds.



Post/Share a minimum of 1x Facebook & 1x Instagram promotional post per week on your personal pages. Posts should always be relevant and promote PLN in some manner (ie. you in PLN attire or holding/showcasing PLN products). Repost/Share/Comment at least 2x posts per week to your personal Facebook/Instagram from any PLN social media channel.

Make your social profile PLN related, either logo or caption of some sort / Mention in bio. .All posts containing PLN must include the following tags: #plndailygrind #projectleannation


Actively promote PLN to friends, colleagues, family etc. at gym, industry events, leisure events.

Wear PLN apparel when competing/participating in industry events. Mention PLN when participating in a) industry events, b) charitable/community involvement,


PLN may request you to assist in an event, promotion, photo-shoot, or video – you will be required to be available as reasonably possible.


4 Free PLN Promotional Items, Swag & Apparel (as available)

Exposure via PLN social media channels – Share your accomplishments with us and we will share them with our loyal followers!

40% Discount on PLN products

Be the 1st to try new PLN products before they hit the market! Testers and tasters…

Get the inside scoop as to what’s happening with in PLN and what’s around the corner for the brand. You will be first to know of upcoming incentives and new product lines.

Access to referral marketing links to earn points for all members you introduce to our brand. Points can be converted to credits toward product.
(Coming Summer 2017)

Access to the PLN Network, Do you have a service to offer? So as long as it aligns with our vision we will give you the opportunity to share your offering with our members via multiple channels.

Ability to gather feedback and provide innovative insight


  • Knowledge and appreciation of nutrition
  • An established online presence
  • High level of professionalism
  • Natural leadership / Influence
  • Passion for cultivating authentic relationships
  • Ability to gather feedback and provide innovative insight


  • Current PLN Member
  • Willing to commit to this roll for 6 months
  • Has shown a positive impact on their community
  • Is aligned with PLN Core Values
  • Takes pride in helping others achieve health


We would love to hear why you think you would be a ALL STAR Ambassador.
Please Note: Many times our applications far out pace our need for ambassadors, please share why your would be of great value to our brand.


  • PLN reserves the right to terminate this agreement at its discretion. Likewise, you have the right to terminate this agreement at your discretion.
  • As a requirement of the program we ask that you not only hold yourself to a high standard of professionalism for the PLN brand but also for yourself and how you are viewed but the public.
  • Please Refrain from the following
  • Appearing in photographs where competing retailers branding can be seen
  • Giving or passing your discount to others
  • Criticizing other people, brands, suppliers, retailers or products
  • As a representative of PLN, please consider the context of your message in the news feed environment, and make sure that Social Media profiles images and photographs are:
  • In good taste and free from unacceptable or unlawful material or remarks, including offensive, abusive or discriminatory comments of any kind;
  • Free from sexually explicit or overtly sexually suggestive material or correspondence
  • Have a solid knowledge of the brand and what it has to offer via digital or in person education provided.
  • Attend 1 “All Staff” meeting to express why you want to be a PLN Ambassador.
  • Have Fun