Become a Affiliate

We serve the community. 
At PLN we are always looking to help grow and enrich our local health and fitness community



We all win together

We successfully collaborate with many gyms, CrossFit boxes, and fitness facilities in the area to promote health and wellness. Our aim is to align with like-minded organizations to create alliances that are beneficial to each other as well as the health of our community.

About Us

How can we serve you!

We believe that collaborating around these common goals will yield powerful results for both your business and your members.

We have outlined the benefits that you will be able to take advantage of below and how you could use these benefits to grow your business and offer more to your members.

We also outlined the expectations of both parties to ensure the best experience while being a part of the Project LeanNation family.


Affiliates Benefits

Member Discounts

You can now offer new and existing members an exclusive discount to kick-start their journey to health.

  • Your members will get 10% off any meal plan (only applies to new member’s 1st order)
  • The individual will need to present proof of being associated with your business upon placing their order

Social Media

Project LeanNation would be glad to recommend our members to your facility as well as give 5 Star Reviews on any online review pages that your business utilizes.

We are happy to provide positive support for your organization.

Staff Discounts

As a thank you for helping the community we thrive in, we are giving you and your staff The Hero discount!

The “Hero” Discount is a weekly discount of 10% off of any subscription meal plans applies to any current employees at your facility. Additionally, we offer an in-store 15% discount on all retail items for Coaches and Trainers

Inbody Scans

We offer all of our affiliate members 50% off the use of our greatest resource, Our Inbody 270. If you are looking to go over the true measurements of health with your clients or thinking of throwing together a Challenger you can now leverage our Inbody.


Affiliates Expectations

PLN Pride

Upon becoming an Affiliate Project LeanNation would distribute materials to your facility. These materials will consist of brochures, business card, banners, and other promotional materials. We ask that you proudly display them in a visible location. We will schedule visits for restocking of any materials needed and communicate the intent behind any materials provided.

Group Sweats

It’s our goal to give our members an opportunity to see all the local fitness community has to offer.  We promote what we call “Group Sweats” to our network and give them a chance to experience a FREE workout at your facility. This is an opportunity for our affiliates to get in front of new people as often as they like. *We ask each PLN Affiliate to host a minimum of 4 per yr.


We ask that you announce our affiliation to your network via any outlets you use as well a mass email to your current members. Example – BIG NEWS!!!!! (Your Name) is partnering with Project LeanNation What does that mean for you? We have arranged exclusive incentives to kick-start your nutrition plan in your journey of becoming the best version of yourself!