Our Philosophy


We started Project LeanNation in 2012 with the belief that optimizing nutrition is for everyone. PLN is not married to one specific nutrition structure because we realize:

1) The body is a highly complex system.
2) Not all bodies are the same.

Anyone who has tried and struggled on a diet knows that a diet which works for one person may not work for another; every individual has a unique body chemistry which needs to be addressed.

Just as each body is different, so too are the reasons why a person eats the way they do. We aim to help people determine their “why” and put them in the best possible position to fulfill their life goals. We go beyond just the physical and explore eating behaviors which may prevent people from reaching their full potential. We streamline your daily nutrition, providing more time for you to optimize every area of your life.

Position Statements on Diets

Now, let’s look beyond the basics to determine what is right for you as an individual. Remember there is no “one size fits all”; you may even find yourself mixing and matching to find the perfect plan.

Zone Diet / Lifestyle

We feel this style of eating is beneficial to anyone looking to eat basic, clean foods without dietary restrictions. Flexibility with food groups allows for more variety which can be great for people who don’t necessarily need to avoid grains, dairy, or legumes. This is balance in the most inclusive way.

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Paleo / Whole30

Paleo takes clean-eating to the next level by removing grains, dairy, and legumes for those who have dietary intolerances. We believe for some people there can be extraordinary health benefits to the removal of these particular foods in their diets. However, it is up to you to decide. Not sure? Try embracing this lifestyle for 30 days and see what happens!

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Not everyone is in it for weight loss. Some individuals are looking for a nutritional strategy designed for optimal performance. If high-level performance is your goal, or you’re seeking to gain lean muscle mass, you will need the extra calories and carbohydrates. Our “Athlete” program is founded on this principle.

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Plant Based

We understand some people abstain from meat because they believe it will improve their health and others may be concerned for the welfare of animals. We want to make it simple for our clients to stick to their unique dietary philosophy! A diet rich in fibrous, colorful fruits and vegetables is renowned for heart health. Plant-based diets have been shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and promote healthy skin.

Plant-based diets require special consideration to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Nutrients which require extra attention for vegetarians include complete protein, iron, b-vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. A plant-based approach takes careful thought, preparation, and possible supplementation. Fortunately, our chefs are able to provide the expertise necessary to create balanced plant-based meals.

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The Ketogenic Diet is generating a lot of buzz in the field of nutrition – and for good reason! Incorporating a partial or full ketogenic plan into your routine can jump-start your fat loss efforts and can help blast through plateaus. We support this style of eating because it promotes healthy fats, quality proteins, and nutrient-dense vegetables, all of which help to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation. Not to mention the ketogenic diet is a medically accepted treatment for those with epilepsy.

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Things We Won't Budge On.

These we consider the most basic principles and attributes of any successful nutrition plan. All Nutritionists, Dietitians, and Medical Doctors would agree.

Stick to Whole Foods

While this can be a puzzling principle for some, we believe it’s quite simple. More stuff from the ground, less stuff from the package. If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Grocery stores, convenience marts, coffee shops, shopping malls and everything in-between are flooded with hyper-palatable,  processed food devoid of nutritional value. In fact, not only do these foods yield no benefit to the consumer, but research has demonstrated that the consumption of highly processed food has massive deleterious health effects.

Quick Tip: Avoid high fructose corn syrup and processed vegetable oil (such as palm and soybean oil).

Eat Lots of Plants

Chances are you will never come across a diet that will forbid you from loading your plate with a ton of colorful vegetables, and we are definitely on board with that. That’s because vegetables pack a vast array of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that you just can’t get from any other food group or supplement. The more vegetables the better!

Fat is Good for You.

It’s the quality and quantity of fat that is important here. Healthy fats that come from avocado, salmon, nuts, seeds and other whole sources have been proven to normalize blood sugar, speed up metabolism, and boost the activity of brain cells. We believe fat in the diet is not optional but essential.

In fact, the quality of our society’s collective dietary habits began its decline the day the medical community portrayed fat as the villain. Some of the least nutritious foods available are fat-free! Fat-free cereals, cookies, coffees, yogurts, and dressings are some of the worst culprits; the amount of sugar in these foods is a fast track to many chronic illnesses including type II diabetes and heart disease.

It should be noted that because fat packs the most amount of calories per gram (9 calories as opposed to 4 for protein and carbohydrates), portion size can be crucial.

Too much of anything is no good.

Even nutritious foods can be too much of a good thing if you they aren’t balanced properly. While we believe there are benefits that come from consuming healthy foods such as coconut oil or even butter, there are also healthy limits to these foods. Various foods fall into this category (such as caffeine and nuts) which is why it’s important to remember that balance is truly key when it comes to nailing down a sustainable strategy.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Drinking water:  it’s easy to do and even easier not to do. No matter what plan you choose to follow, water must be a part of it. Don’t downplay the significance of consuming an adequate amount of water daily. Your mood, digestion, brain health and muscle function are just a few aspects of your health that are affected by hydration. No amount of vegetables can make up for the fact that you only had 1 glass of water today.

Eating mindfully is your Secret Weapon.

In today’s fast-paced world, eating mindlessly has become a part of our daily routine. Advertisements encourage us to grab a breakfast sandwich on our drives to work, pick at the fridge instead of sitting down for dinner, or take our kids to the drive-through.

We encourage you to slow down when you eat and develop a new mindset around food. This will allow you to be more thoughtful about how much you are taking in and will help pull you out of negative, automatic food habits – like overeating while watching your favorite TV show.

Studies show that mindful eating can help to improve digestion, reduce binge eating, lose weight and even reduce anxious thoughts about food and your body. It’s unsurprising and intuitive that self-awareness when eating is integral in achieving your lifestyle goals!


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