Lifestyle Plan
The Lifestyle offers a convenient, effective and simple fully-prepared meal plan designed to help bring about a fitter, healthier and happier you by eating the right foods, at the right times and in the right amounts.

Lifestyle meals are prepared with whole foods such as lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, grains, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables and are also free of preservatives and low in sodium.

The Lifestyle program is engineered to help you:

-Shed excess pounds
-Reduce risk of chronic disease
-Improve mental and physical performance
-Stimulate a healthy metabolism
-Reduce dietary induced  inflammation.

Our Lifestyle program places an emphasis on eating frequently so you will enjoy a shake, snack, or meal approximately every three hours which means you will never find yourself hungry.

The Lifestyle program is easy to follow, essentially you just heat and eat.

Nutritional Structure 
30% Complex Carbohydrates 40% Lean Proteins 30% Essential Fats
Male Portions-      400-450 Calories,
Female Portions-  300-350 Calories

*Our aim is to structure the meals with 50% of the carbohydrates coming from plant based sources


What’s best for me?
2 Meals Per DayYou have confidence in eating according to your goals. You want to be responsible for a meal or two a day. You want some quick and easy meals throughout the week to be sure you stay on track.
3-4 Meals Per DayYou are busy and do not have the time to cook any of your meals. Your aim is to maximize results by leaving little room for error on your part.