“You are what you eat.” Actually, that’s only part of the picture. You eat what you are and then become what you’ve eaten (kind of). Our eating habits are a result of our standards and our body composition is a result of our food choices. To get better results you need to raise your expectations and change the way you define yourself. This will lead to better decisions, nutrition, health and wellness. It is the key to lose weight and make good food choices! It is innate in human nature to practice what you believe. If you define yourself as winner, then any losses will be viewed as anomaly. Instead of thinking of yourself as a loser, the response will be that losing was a mistake and not in line with the truth. If you define yourself as a foodie, then you will make decisions while you are shopping to buy a variety of high quality foods. If you define yourself as a night owl, then you won’t be waking up at 4 am to get some work done before the sun rises. We are who we think we are and this knowledge can be used to change our relationship with food.

You Are What You Eat

Scientifically speaking we do not turn into watermelons after a dish of the juicy treat. Yet, our bodies are a result of the foods we put in them on a regular basis. It isn’t as simple as you eat fat and turn into fat, or you eat meat and turn into meat because the human body needs all of the different macronutrients. It thrives on having a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats from healthy sources. The difficulty is that each person’s body reacts to different sources and combinations of these foods variously. So you do become the result of your continuous consumption of foods. Still it is often difficult to change what we eat. Rather than suggesting a simple change in diet, it is important to FIRST change your thoughts.

What You Are

Whereas our physical state is dictated by what we eat, what we eat is dictated by who we think we are. If someone defines himself as “a lover of sweets” then he will not think twice when presented with cookies. However, if someone defines herself as “a health nut” then she will not think twice when presented with cookies either. They will both act according to their beliefs and meet the standard they have set for themselves. Why is this?

The Reticular Activating System

The human brain is programmed to prioritize information it takes in from its environment in a variety of ways. One is through the reticular activating system, or RAS. Author Daniel Kahneman illustrates the phenomena like this: have you ever bought a new car? Afterwards how many other people did you see driving that car? The answer is undoubtedly more than you noticed before you bought the car. That is because the RAS defines that car as part of your world now and something important so it pays attention to it. The same is true for food choices. If you talk about being healthy then your RAS will key in on the resulting options. Conversely, if you say you aren’t healthy, your RAS will focus on that instead. You can use the Science of the RAS to make better choices. All you have to do is modify the way you define yourself. If you find yourself saying negative things such as:

  • I have to lose weight (RAS focuses on the excess weight)
  • I can’t say no to junk food (RAS focuses on junk)
  • I always fail on diets (RAS focuses on how you might fail),

then you need to change your language. Try the following options:

  • I am on a mission to lose weight (RAS keys in on how to make it happen)
  • I’m the type of person who makes healthy food choices (RAS keys in on healthy options)
  • I always win on diets! (RAS keys in on your successes).

This isn’t just a Scientific, new-age gimmick, it is tried and true. Just think, where did the adage “fake it ‘til you make it” come from? It has long been known that if you tell yourself something enough times, eventually it will come true. Build the right self-fulfilling prophecy by changing your language. Raise your standards and define yourself as the type of person you really want to be. Then repeat it Every. Single. Day.  until it’s true!


Enjoy the process friends and check out the resources below to learn more about building habits, changing your relationship with yourself and food, and how the mind works. Tony Robbins 2017 – Commit Yourself Again THINKING, FAST AND SLOW BY DANIEL KAHNEMAN | ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW If Nothing Changes, Nothing Is Going To Change In Health, TEAM PLN


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