What is Project LeanNation??

Project LeanNation is a nutrition education community focused on making America fitter and healthier. We provide macronutrient-structured, nutrition-packed meal plans and support to help our clients achieve even their most lofty nutrition goals.

How Did PLN Get Its Start??

Project LeanNation started in a small, in-home kitchen in Rochester, New York. Tim Dougherty, a well-respected trainer in the area, started to cook meals for his clients in order to ensure the best result possible for their transformational success. It wasn’t long before everyone in Rochester was knocking on his door to have their own fitness food prepped and delivered right to their door. The rest, as they say, is history.

What Kind of People Do You Help??

Project LeanNation truly has a plan for every nutritional goal. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain lean mass or simply eat healthier, we have a plan for you. We work with everyone from ‘Soccer Moms’ to NFL and NHL athletes to help them get the most out of a structured, healthy, results-driven meal plan.

Whats the difference between the meal plans? ?

LifeStyle– Our solution to highly effective balanced nutrition. Engineered to shed excess pounds, increase performance and limit the risk of dietary induced conditions and disease. This program consists of minimally processed whole foods such as lean proteins, essential healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, grains, fruits and vegetables.

WholeLife– Our way of bringing primal eating to the 21st century. Prepared with zero dairy,  grains or gluten-containing ingredients, WholeLife is designed to provide all the benefits of primal eating in a simple, convenient and easy-to-follow plan. This program is rich in healthy fats, moderate in protein and complex carbohydrates, all by way of meats, fish, nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers. (Before someone calls the paleo police, yes we do use some potatoes). Ideal for those with dietary restrictions.

Athlete– Our solution to those with the highest level of physical output. Next level performance takes next level nutrition. Our Athlete meals provide an optimal macronutrient balance to support muscle recovery and growth.  This plan provides 700 calorie meals packed with high quality protein, complex carbohydrates and fresh vegetables to properly fuel intense training.

*Some products are only available in select markets

Do You Offer Pickup, Delivery or Shipping??

Yes. Currently, Project LeanNation offers local pickup and delivery in Rochester and Providence every Sunday. Buffalo and Syracuse deliveries both occur on Mondays. All shipping clients are sent out on Monday evening for Wednesday afternoon delivery via UPS.

Where Can I Find Project LeanNation??

Currently, you can find our stores in Rochester (NY), Buffalo (NY), and Providence (RI) with plans for additional locations in Charlotte NC by the first quarter of 2017. Just because we aren’ t local, doesn’t mean you can’t see what PLN has to offer for yourself. Call us at 585 330 9737 and we will be happy to ship to you.

How are the meals prepared? ?

Every meal is made from scratch (like you would prepare in your own home!) only in much, much larger volume.

Where Are Your Ingredients Sourced??

Palmer’s Food Service is our primary supplier for over 80% of our weekly inputs. Palmer’s has been providing the highest quality meats and produce to New York State since 1850. Palmer’s sources a variety of hard-to-find items for Project LeanNation, including all of our  Beef and Poultry products as well as whole wheat, protein-enriched pastas used throughout our product lines.

Where is the Food Produced??

As PLN has grown, so too has the need for a larger kitchen. Currently, all of Western New York’s Project LeanNation weekly meals are prepared, cooked, and packaged by LeanLife Manufacturing (A subsidiary company owned by Project Lean Nation Inc) in Rochester. Our Executive Chef Eric Muller (Certified Executive Chef, Culinary Institute of America) has vast expertise in providing amazing food to the masses. Chef Eric is our visionary leader, responsible for conceiving new and exciting menu ideas, creating recipes and enhancing standards.  In the New England area, Project LeanNation maintains their own state of the art production center with a full service commissary kitchen located in Providence.

Is the food organic? ?

No, our foods are not all organic. Our foods are sourced through the best local and national vendors in the area. We purchase the highest grades of proteins and vegetables possible, while keeping our program prices affordable, and below industry competitors.

Where do you ship? ?

Anywhere in the Northeastern United States. Cost effective shipping to anywhere in the zone will be calculated into your subscription pricing! All orders will be shipped on Monday arrive at your door on Wednesday. (If you are closer to New York it could come Tuesday) We will provide tracking information with all transactions. If you would like to discuss further please call 585.330.9737 and we will quote you to-the-door pricing on any of our plans. 

Will my food stay frozen-fresh during delivery? ?

Please make sure to put your food in your refrigerator/freezer as soon as possible. The food is made frozen fresh and hard chilled, immediate refrigeration/freezing will ensure continued freshness.


What if I Have Allergies or Food Im not crazy about??

That’s perfectly fine. We take food allergies very seriously, simply tell us what your allergies are or foods you need to avoid and we will ensure they are not included in your box each week.  As for food preferences or those items you strongly dislike, we will note that in your account and do our best to accommodate it when possible. We do recommend, however, that you limit your preferences to only serious food issues as it may have a negative effect on your variety each week.  If you find there are foods or protein sources you aren’t a fan of as you continue to eat with us, let us know. We will make the proper adjustments to keep you moving towards nutritional success.

* We cannot guarantee all preferences will be met. We will encourage you to challenge some of your preferences in exchange for the pursuit of your nutritional goal. We will do our best to provide you meals that are tasteful to YOU.

What amount of meals if right for me? ?

-2 Meals Per Day – You want to be responsible for a meal or two a day. You trust yourself to do a good amount of healthy cooking and also want some quick and easy meals throughout the week.

-3 Meals Per Day – You are busy and don’t want to cook any of your own meals. You have a busy schedule and you know it’s likely you will find yourself at a work lunch or social gathering weekly. You want to eat right with little room for error on your part.

-4 Meals Per Day – You are looking for some extra (ultra healthy, pre-portioned) fuel to get you through your days! You want to eat right with no room for error on your part. Your demanding life gives you zero time for shopping, prepping, dishes ext.

-5 Meals Per Day – You are highly active and you are looking for some extra (ultra healthy,

pre- portioned) fuel to get you through your days! Between hitting the gym and chasing your profession, you are seeking an all inclusive plan to optimize your life.

How Do I Place an Order??

You can place an order with us a multitude of ways. We are always available via phone at 585 330 9737 in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse and 401 270 3800 in Providence. You can also checkout on our website. Just click the ‘Order Online’ tab at the top of the page to get started.

Will I be bored eating the same food every week??

Tired of eating chicken and broccoli every day?  Tired of throwing away groceries that you purchased with the best of intentions?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Each week our executive chefs develop and prepare fresh ideas that meet our standards nutritionally and offer you a variety of exciting meals to look forward to.

What is the fat content in your food??

The fats in our meals are the healthy fats found naturally in the whole food ingredients we use. We rarely use any added oils and when we do, we make sure it is of the highest quality and health.

Is the Food Frozen??

Yes, frozen fresh to preserve freshness and to allow us to supply you with a week’s worth of healthy meals at a time. Freezing is a natural way to keep food safe by preventing microorganisms from growing and by slowing down the enzyme activity that causes food to spoil. We use modern freezing techniques designed to capture and preserve products at the peak of its freshness and nutrient content. We work closely with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in support of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), a major initiative to keep America’s food supply the safest in the world.

What should I do when I receive my box? ?

Please make sure to put your food in your refrigerator/freezer as soon as possible. The food is made frozen fresh and hard chilled, immediate refrigeration/freezing will ensure continued freshness.

How Do I Heat the Food??

There are actually a wide array of options for reheating our dishes. All our packages are  BPA-free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and heat-rated to 250°F. This means you can microwave our containers as well as cook in the oven at any temperature below 245°F.  If you choose to use the oven, we recommend placing a thawed container into the oven for 25-30 mins at 235°F for that ‘just-out-of-the-oven’ taste. For dishes that would traditionally be stir-fried, the skillet is another option as well. Cook on medium-high for 6-10 mins with a small amount of non-stick spray to reheat.

What if I am still hungry? ?

We ask that you give yourself a bit of time to adjust. Due to our careful balance of macronutrients, our meals are very satiating. You’ll soon discover that as you continue to consume our meals, you’ll simply need smaller portions. All calories are not created equal and when your body adjusts to being fueled by nutrient dense whole foods, you will no longer experience the same cravings.

Secondly our program gives you the ability to asses your relationship with food. Often times hunger is habitual and nailing down the philosophy that we are eating for optimal health gives us a moment to asses if we are eating to live or living to eat. In time many find they cannot even finish the portions we give them. That being said, you are welcome to snack (see suggestions), or add an additional meal to your program.

How Do I Store My Food??

Regardless of your plan choice. We recommend storing half of your meals in the freezer and the other half in the refrigerator to ‘slack’. Project LeanNation products are devoid of preservatives as part of our mission to provide you with the healthiest inputs possible. However, this means that our food won’t have quite the same ‘staying power’ as traditional, ready-to-eat meals. Once one day’s worth of meals has been removed or consumed, take a day’s worth of meals from your freezer and place them into the fridge to thaw.

What Do I Do with the Leftover Containers??

While we would love to take them back and reuse them, that isn’t exactly food safe. They are 100% recyclable (as is all of our packaging) and we strongly recommend they are recycled and not simply discarded. We also recommend keeping a handful for use on your ‘Social’ day. This will allow you the option to try to recreate some of our meals on your off-day, or to get a better understanding of proper portion control when creating your own healthy dishes.

What Do I Do on Day 7??

As mentioned previously, Day 7 is all about learning. While we do encourage you to meet up with family and friends for a ‘social meal’, we would also like to see you gain an education on how to prepare our healthy meals on your own. By reusing our containers, try to recreate your other 2-3 meals for that day based on the portion sizes you see week-in and week-out, this time with your choice of protein, carbohydrate, and vegetables!

Do you provide nutritional information? ?

Yes, every meal will have nutritional and calorie information, We will also provide our science backed nutritional philosophy

Does my subscription auto-renew??

Yes, you will receive your meals weekly on a recurring basis. There is no minimum commitment and you can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time.  We just ask that all cancellations or changes are made prior to our production deadline of Wednesday at 7pm.

How often do you deliver and what day of the week??

Delivery is currently available on Sunday and Monday based on your delivery area. The cutoff to have your order in is the close of business Wednesday (7pm) prior to your next expected delivery date.  We deliver in all of our core markets and leverage shipping to reach clients outside of our deliverable radius. In each market we have a delivery fee of $10 with an enhanced delivery fee option of $15 for clients outside of our 20 miles radius. In addition, we have established delivery zones to allow us to provide clients with a three hour window on delivery times.  You will know your delivery zone upon subscribing and estimated times will be accurate barring any unforeseen weather.

How long can I keep my food for? ?

Food will stay fresh in your refrigerator for up to 7 days days. If for some reason you are unable to eat your food within the 7 days, it can also be frozen for up to six months for later use. In efforts to hold true to our philosophy we never add anything to preserve the products, that’s good news.