What is Your Why?

Understanding and Identifying why being in shape is important to you.

Published December 14, 2022

1 minute read


What is your Why?


First things first, let’s take time to gather an understanding of your vision/why. Your vision is your future, your “why”, and what you see for yourself if things go the way you hope. In the world of business, companies create a vision statement. This is where they determine where they want to see themselves in relation to the marketplace, their consumers, and their employees. As individuals, there is a great benefit to identifying that same thing. What is your vision for your life? Do all aspects align? (example: do you want to be the type of parent that attends every event, yet seek a career where you're working 80 hours a week and traveling? Do you want to hit a specific weight for a health goal, yet don't schedule time for fitness?) You must have an emotional connection to your why. You need to dig deep and determine what will get you out of bed each morning. You signed up for a meal plan because you were looking for change…. “WHY?”. How will it feel if/when your reach your goals? What is your life vision or why?


Take a couple of minutes and consider the answer to that question and keep pushing forward!


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