Get Your Fitness Back on Track

PLN expert coaches give some advice on how to get your fitness back on track after any layoff.

Published April 27, 2023

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Get Your Fitness Back on Track!


The advent of the COVID-19 epidemic during the past year and a half has caused significant changes in our daily lives. Those attempting to keep physically fit have faced new obstacles since the pandemic began, such as the widespread adoption of socially isolating practices and the seemingly endless closing and reopening of local businesses.

It's a huge challenge for many folks to get back on the proverbial horse of consistent physical activity. However, now that more fitness centers have reopened and vaccination rates have risen worldwide, it appears that we can once again return to our pre-disaster fitness levels.

Some of our best advice for getting back into a regular fitness routine is as follows:

Challenges You Might Face When Resuming Your Exercise Routine

Now that the epidemic has been with us for over a year and a half, many public facilities, including gyms and exercise programs, have reopened. Many people have benefited from the reopening of gyms, while others are finding that their worry and stress levels are through the roof as they try to resume their pre-storm workout schedules. People are hesitant to resume their regular training routines at a fitness center for a variety of reasons.

We've all felt out of place while working out in a crowded public gym, plagued by feelings of inadequacy and the worry of losing strength. When you return to the gym after a long absence from physical activity, it can feel as if everyone is staring at you as you try to get back into shape by lifting heavier weights and jogging faster. Returning to the gym and finding that familiar exercises are now difficult might amplify these sensations.

Lots of gym regulars have gotten acclimated to their habit of at-home lessons and workouts due to the pressure many fitness facilities felt to offer digital services during the epidemic. Many people today would rather not go back to the gym because there are so many convenient digital alternatives, such as online group classes and specialized 1-1 virtual training sessions.

Limits on gym hours and memberships — Despite the widespread reopening measures around the country, many public facilities are still operating at reduced capacity and requiring users to wear face masks for their safety and protection. These precautions have reduced the number of people infected with COVID-19, but they have also made it much more challenging to schedule a workout during work hours. As a result, many people are deciding against resuming their regular gym attendance.

There are fewer in-person options — While many gym-goers put in solo time, many more participate in group fitness activities like spin, Zumba, and fitness boot camps. Capacity constraints and the requirement for appropriate social distance mean that many group classes are being provided to significantly smaller groups or are not being offered at all. The number of people considering going back to the gym on a daily basis has dropped drastically as a result of this. 

Here Are 6 Ways To Get In Shape Again!


If you've fallen out of the habit of working out regularly, here are some suggestions to help you ease back into it:

The first piece of advice is to ease into your exercise routine.

There is no need to overdo it when getting back into shape by forcing yourself to complete a very challenging workout each and every day. When we push our bodies too far, we run the risk of becoming hurt, losing our drive, and becoming unduly exhausted. You shouldn't go all out every time you go to the gym; instead, try committing to moderate workouts a few times a week and making stretching a regular part of your routine. 

Second, plan your time effectively and follow it.

Habits and routines might serve as a lifeline when we need to stay on track. The greatest strategy to ensure your regular gym attendance is to establish a sustainable training regimen. If you can, check your schedule and block out periods on your phone calendar that will work. Even on days when you don't feel like working out, sticking to a regular schedule will help keep you on track. 

Experiment with Option Three!

If you aren't in the mood to go back to your old workout program, now is the time to try something new! If you've become bored with your current workout routine or your local gym has stopped offering your preferred class, it's time for a change. If you're feeling stuck in a fitness rut, try something new by taking advantage of online group sessions, hiring a personal trainer, or taking your workout outside. 

Fourth, give yourself time to relax.

Rest days are necessary for healthy muscle development and greater performance, so resist the urge to rush back into training. If you've noticed that you're much more tired and painful after an exercise, that's a sign that your body needs a break. Muscle tiredness, injury, and inadequate recovery can be avoided or mitigated with the right combination of hydration, stretching, and rest. 

Fifth, it's important to be committed for the long haul since incremental progress adds up.

It's discouraging to put in the effort for a regular workout routine and see just incremental improvements in your fitness and strength. Your post-COVID workout plan won't be as easy as building Rome in a day. While it's natural to experience these emotions, keeping the big picture in mind might help you maintain a good outlook. Lifting more slowly and steadily over time can have a significant impact on your strength and conditioning.

 Sixth, rely on your favorite apps to help you stay on track.

Do you count yourself among those who relied on smartphones and their apps to get by during the pandemic? If so, they can be an excellent resource for keeping you motivated when you start working out again. There are a number of useful fitness applications out there that may motivate you by offering workout suggestions, keeping tabs on your painful spots, and recording your overall progress. 

Planning Your Return to Your Fitness Routine


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Synthesizing the Whole Thing

Major changes in our health and well-being are not surprising after a year and a half of extraordinary times. Many people are eager to resume their regular workout regimens as the globe gradually opens and adjusts. In order to keep up a high standard of living, it is crucial to establish a healthy and sustainable fitness routine, which is responsible for a wide range of health benefits, including better regulation of mood and sleep, weight management, and prevention of health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

However, maintaining an active lifestyle has been more difficult due to the pandemic. As the world continues to combat the worldwide epidemic, there are many enjoyable and effective strategies to maintain your health and happiness. New digital services and more time spent exercising outside are just two examples of the many exciting opportunities for regular exercise to return, and we hope that following our advice will help you make the most of them.






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