Project LeanNation Affiliate Program
At PLN we are always looking to help grow and enrich our local health and fitness community.

We successfully collaborate with many gyms, CrossFit boxes, and fitness facilities in the area to promote health and wellness. Our aim is to align with like-minded organizations to create alliances that are beneficial to each other as well as the health of our community.

We believe that collaborating around these common goals will yield powerful results for both your business and your members.

We have outlined the benefits that you will be able to take advantage of below and how you could use these benefits to grow your business and offer more to your members.

We also outlined the expectations of both parties to ensure the best experience while being a part of the Project LeanNation family.


Affiliate Incentives


You can now offer new and existing members an exclusive discount to kick-start their journey to health.

  • Your members will get 10% off any meal plan (only applies to new member’s 1st order)  
  • The individual will need to present proof of being associated with your business upon placing their order.


As a thank you for helping the community we thrive in, we are giving you and your staff The Hero discount!

The Hero Discount is a weekly discount of 10% off of any subscription meal plan we offer. This applies to any current employees at your facility.

They just need to present proof of employment upon signing up in store.


Project LeanNation would be glad to recommend our members to your facility as well as give 5 Star Reviews on any online review pages that your business utilizes.

We are happy to provide positive support for your organization.


Every week, Project LeanNation distributes to over 1500 members right here in our community.

We would love to offer the opportunity to distribute flyers, brochures and other marketing materials from your organization to our active members.

We just ask that you give us a two-week advance notice prior to distributing your materials.


PLN is a grassroots operation.

Close to 80% of our business comes from word of mouth and advertising via Vlogs, Blogs and our social media outlets.

We are currently active on most social media platforms and we would love to get you involved.  Got an up coming event?

Do you have info that would further educate our network and get your name out in the process? We are all in.


Project LeanNation utilizes the InBody to not only demonstrate the results of healthy eating coupled with healthy lifestyle choices, we also use it as a scoreboard for “The PLN 6 Week Challenge”.

If you are looking to run a nutritional – weight loss challenge we would be happy to partner with you and make tracking progress simple


Every month we would like to give you the opportunity to recognize someone in your group, whether it is a staff member or an active client of yours. It is your choice.

Project LeanNation will provide a monthly certificate as well as a $10 gift card for you to present to an individual.

Affiliate Expectations


During each 6 Week Challenge Project LeanNation hosts we collaborate with local gyms and fitness studios to showcase some of the best sweat spots in the area.

It is a wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your facility, coaches and program in efforts to gain new members participating in our challenge..


Upon becoming an Affiliate Project LeanNation would distribute materials to your facility. These materials will consist of brochures, business card, banners and other promotional materials. We ask that you proudly display them in a visible location. We will schedule visits for restock of any materials needed and communicate the intent behind any materials provided.


This is a free service we offer to our members and compensate the coach or trainer with a $25 gift card to PLN.

This would be a group workout the affiliate would host at no charge to the PLN Members.

We would love to schedule these four weeks in advance so we can promote to our network. We ask each PLN Affiliate to be willing to host 4 per year.

This gives you an additional way to highlight your unique service to a captive audience.

Another option to hosting a group sweat would be to host one of our free #SundaySweat workshops, these are in our store location every Sunday and are free to the public.


We ask that you announce our affiliation to your network via any social media outlets you use as well a mass email to your entire membership network

*EXAMPLE – BIG NEWS!!!!! (Your Business) is partnering with Project LeanNation. What does that mean for you? We have arranged a special collaboration with Project LeanNation allowing (Your Business) members to be part of the PLN movement with exclusive incentives to kick-start your health and wellness in your journey of becoming the best version of yourself! As a member of (Your Business) simply display this email in-store when making a purchase to receive the exclusive offers. – Share offers and promo codes

Affiliate Sign Up Form

“Thanks, Project LeanNation for taking the work out of eating healthy. I’m able to keep in shape for my duties as a firefighter and be light on my feet surfing. The convenience helps me tremendously, being a single dad!”

Man and girl smiling while wearing Project LeanNation tee shirts holding two PLN meal boxes
James Thompson "JT"
San Diego, CA

“I had a goal of reaching my weight in 2008 by the end of the year and have already achieved that (14 lbs. lost) without ever feeling hungry or deprived. I eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday and have cut out pasta and bread. I don’t consider PLN a diet, but a lifetime lifestyle change. The meals are delicious.”

Peter Elliot
Rochester, NY

“I feel great. My ultimate goal was weight loss and I more than exceeded my goal. Within 3 months I have nearly lost 25 lbs, 5 more than my goal!”

Man with glasses smiling while looking at the camera
Adam Sylvester
Buffalo, NY

I can’t believe the difference changing what you eat makes. I feel motivated, no more naps, the meals work great!”

Man smiling while at a formal event
William Gretzinger
Rochester, NY

“PLN makes food prep dummy proof! The meals tell you all of your macros, and they make calorie counting super easy. I feel like I don’t need a nap in the middle of the day. I feel like I’m more focused and alert. I just feel good! The first step is the hardest! Take it! You’ll be glad you did!”

Close up photo of a man's face with glasses and a beard
Mike DelleFave
Rochester, NY

“After 29 weeks of PLN I feel amazing, to date I have released over 40-LBS which is 16% body fat. I am in my best shape since high school”

Man smiling and looking at camera while standing next to a bicycle
Jason Falbo
Buffalo, NY

“I have tried many things, and this was recommended by nurses and doctors. I have more energy at the special olympics practices and competitions. I am sleeping better and waking up more energized. All the people here love to hear how I’m doing.”

Project LeanNation client posing with his meal box from PLN
Dan Entress
Rochester, NY

“I have been a Project LeanNation client for nearly two years. The changes in my life both physically and mentally are immeasurable. I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass. I have increased focus and energy, and no longer need to think about keeping it up. The food arrives every week and it is delicious. The staff at PLN provide all the support and motivation I need to make this program a life habit”

Man and woman smiling while posing for photo
Mike Dinardo
Rochester, NY

“I see myself succeeding and doing it in a healthy, safe way. In three months I have lost 24 pounds and I feel really good.”

Woman taking selfie while smiling
Sharon Deregorio
Rochester, NY

“I feel more encouraged to keep going and more energy when I work out.”

Close up photo of a Project LeanNation client
Jesse Proper
Rochester, NY

“Eight weeks in the program and they’ve delivered not only healthy meals to my door but also hope, energy, and most importantly results, Cody and Jeff are amazing human beings who are helping people like me with reach their fitness goals.”

Client before and after photo of man showing weight loss while holding Project LeanNation meals
Hector Morales
San Diego, CA

“As a new working mom to a 10 month old and someone adjusting to the changes, I have found PLN to be my savior. PLN helped me immediately get my confidence back as I lost 35 lbs of baby weight in 3 1/2 months. As a new mom, I had time constraints that were managed effectively with not having to shop, prepare or clean up. The time I gained was priceless. Thank you PLN”

Man, woman, and child sitting in a grassy park smiling
Erin Enright
Rochester, NY

“I feel amazing! Overall happier, healthier and excited for life!”

Woman smiling and looking at camera while in a Project LeanNation store
Kathryn Wrisley
Rochester, NY

“I wanted something clean and delicious. Love it! Everyone is friendly and helpful and the meals are amazing!”

Gabrielle Gosset
Buffalo, NY

“Food is great. Variety, awesome shakes, awesome staff. Feel 200% in 9 weeks, best ever!”

Project LeanNation client showing weight loss in before and after photos
Dave Gerew
Rochester, NY

“I feel refreshed and energized. A lot better then just eating crappy food. The food goes great with my workouts. I feel stronger and notice a change in my overall attitude.”

Project LeanNation client smiling with PLN meal box in front of a Project LeanNation banner
Dave Crawford
Rochester, NY

“When working out is life but you still got to make that money, so you make your life a little easier by letting someone else do the meal prep for you. Thank you Project LeanNation!”

Blonde haired woman smiling and looking at camera while wearing a Project LeanNation shirt
Amanda Wilkinson
San Diego, CA

“I feel amazing!I’m off two pain medications and not taking biologic injectable medication for my RA. My Dr. was able to detect a thyroid disorder previously masked by inflammatory markers.”

Woman holding her meal box from Project LeanNation in one of the store locations
Alycia Balaz
Buffalo, NY

“Four weeks out from nationals. Ready! Ready! Ready! Oh, and I’m my lightest body weight in 10 years as of this morning. Thanks for keeping me lean Project LeanNation!”

woman in work out clothes posing and flexing bicep muscle
Shedna Kay
San Diego, CA

“Project LeanNation has been a really good change for me. As a college basketball coach I’m really busy and don’t have time to meal prep to eat healthy and PLN offers this at an affordable price. So far I’ve lost 12lbs in a month! Looking forward to continued success with PLN. “

Jada Pierce
Buffalo, NY

“I wanted something that would remove the choice for me, help reduce temptation. It took a little bit for weight to start coming off, but now that it has, I feel like I have so much more energy and my clothes fit better!”

Portrait photograph of female Project LeanNation client
Jess Stuber
Buffalo, NY

“Their prices are fair, their service is excellent and they truly support the community. I lost a total of 8lbs of bodyfat and I feel amazing. Thank you PLN”

Man dressed in suit and bow tie looking at camera
Anthony Ronchi

“Project LeanNation has enabled myself and my Wounded Warrior Battalion to eat clean and live lean while not breaking the bank!”

Man holding an opened Project LeanNation meal box
Christian Lawrence
San Diego, CA

I was always crabby and tired, and the littlest things would aggravate me. After a couple of weeks, I already have more energy, always in a happy mood, and also have a lot more patients for things that go on in my life.”

Selfie photo of a Project LeanNation client
Zach Monkelbaan
Buffalo, NY