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We started Project LeanNation in 2012 with the belief that proper nutrition is for everyone. Rather than confining ourselves to weight loss, we’re interested in putting people in the best possible position to fulfill their life goals and define their ‘why’. We find that there is always a deeper meaning to why someone wants to shed five pounds and once we have helped them realize their why we can take care of their nutrition so they can optimize every area of their life.


Food powers your life. There is no aspect of your life that is not influenced by the relationship you share with food. Food affects who you are, what you do, and your ability to pursue your dreams and aspirations. Healthy eating not only keeps our bodies in better condition to handle illness, aging, and stress, but is the cornerstone for a happy healthy you. We don’t only preach it but we understand it, our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds. From weight loss successes to athletic performance, we want to have the ability to relate to everyone.


Quite simply, our mission is to create and develop an influential community that helps others live optimally through support education and development.



Morgan Barden

Lead Coach

My purpose is to enhance, and better the lives of everyone I meet. Nutrition connects us all. It impacts every aspect of our lives and affects everything from how we perform to how we feel, mentally, physically and emotionally. Everyone needs to eat and everyone wants to be healthier. In supporting others to succeed in life provides me purpose filled enrichment which is invaluable. Nutrition is my passion and enhancing lives is my purpose, it’s what I do.


Lora Catalino


My love for PLN stems from my love for people. I genuinely care for every person and want to see the world living healthier and accelerating in life. PLN allows me to be apart of something much bigger than myself and love and influence the world. There is so much deception in the food and nutrition industry, and I have a desire to share the truth with anyone and everyone.


Jessica Specht

PLN Educator

As someone who has struggled tremendously with their relationship with food I am dedicated to helping others reveal their true potential and thrive in life by developing a sound relationship with food. PLN not only provides the nutritional and educational components to do so but, even more importantly, an amazing community. There is absolutely nothing more fulfilling than being a part of changing lives and at PLN we do nothing short of just that!


Joe Trinca

Creator of Opportunities

From adolescence and throughout college I have always considered myself an athlete. From t-ball, soccer, football and lacrosse I have consistently remained active in my daily life. Today I participate in the competitive arena of CrossFit and have never found something more challenging both physically and mentally. The biggest thing I lacked in my regiment of fitness and competition just so happens to be the foundational building block of performance, nutrition. My nutrition has been the most consistent inconsistency in my training, however, with the simplicity and knowledge provided by PLN I feel as though I have regained control of my performance and have broken through barriers that for a long time I couldn’t find the solution to. I am happy to say I am “Powered by PLN”


Zach Williams

PLN Educator

Heath to me is a way of life, not just a passion or hobby. I have made it a lifestyle choice to help others with fitness and nutrition knowing that it’s hard to walk that path alone and not every one can without a helping hand. Project LeanNation has given me the tools to optimize my own health goals as well as the opportunity to guide others.


Brenna Taggerty


Like most, I did not have a healthy relationship with food, I was obsessed with the numbers, and the mirror. This resulted in my body, mind, and relationships in turmoil.  I had to make a change for my own health and well-being. So, instead of feeling shameful about my eating habits, I turned it into a passion. I wanted to become the best version of myself; I read a plethora of self-help books,  learned about nutrition, and began exercise programs that benefited my mind and body. I know how hard it is to have a healthy relationship with food, and body image.  I now strive to help others gain this knowledge,  and learn how to change their lifestyles for optimal health.


Lori Kalinowski


Hi! I’m Lori, and I’ve been with Project Lean Nation for just about 2 years now. What brought me here is a lifelong struggle with my relationship with food. Using proper nutrition, I have released 70 lbs. I fully believe in Project Lean Nation’s philosophies in nutrition, which is to fuel the body with the best possible ingredients, no matter what your goal is. I have a passion for helping people find their way to happiness and health using nutrition, and look forward to meeting everyone who walks through our doors.

Shannon Zuppa

PLN Educator

I am a fitness enthusiast! Due to my dad being a personal trainer it has placed health as a priority in my life. Health and fitness are passions of mine. I start each morning by working out to get my day going in a positive direction and feel like my best self! I have developed a love for educating others about the power of clean eating and exercise and there is nothing I enjoy more.

Mike DeBole

PLN Educator

My passion for health and wellness has led me towards a doctorate of Chiropractic. I have devoted my life to helping people live long healthier lives through movement and proper nutrition. I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities running health clubs, conducting research studies in areas of health and wellness, working one on one with professional athletes and as an educator with ProjectLeanNation. It is an honor and a humbling experience to be able to help others reach their health goals.

Rachel Griggs


My name is Rachel Griggs and I’m a nursing student at the University of Rochester. As an aspiring nurse, I believe in the prevention and management of disease through proper nutrition and exercise. Through PLN, I love having the opportunity to help educate those who may not have an understanding of what healthy eating habits are. PLN allows me to spread passion for health and an awareness of how we must treat our bodies with love.

Matt Dengler

PLN Educator

As a former teacher and coach, I quit my job to follow my passion and study nutrition. After earning a Masters of Education in Sport Sciences and a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, I am eligible to become a Registered Dietitian. I couldn’t be happier working 1-on-1 with PLN clients on becoming the best version of themselves. I set out to provide the education, framework, and accountability clients are looking for to help them smash all of their nutrition, fitness, and life goals.

Lisa Duffy

PLN Educator

PLN is not a job, it is a community. It is a place to feel supported, held accountable, and encouraged. As a personal trainer and life coach, making healthy food choices is a priority, but as a wife and busy mom having these foods prepped for my family and I, has allowed me to reinvest that planning/shopping/prepping/cooking time back into quality time with my kids, husband, friends, family and self-reflection. That is a non-scale victory that can’t be measured! Helping others to find that same balance is my passion.

Josh Helm


I am committed to the relentless pursuit of health, realizing all of its challenges and intricacies. I am here to relate to individuals in their own struggle in times of challenge and in times of celebration. Along the way I will demonstrate where patience and discipline can take you, showing how “in reach” most personal health efforts are, while empowering these individuals as they grow in their own momentum and confidence.

Kayla Leach

PLN Educator

Through Project LeanNation I strive to reverse the idea of a healthy-whole food based lifestyle as being mundane and boring. Through social media engagement, I’m creating images and messages that correlate with Project LeanNation’s mission to create healthy lifestyles and educated people about food. Through my designs, impressions can be altered, and I am determined to capture the beautiful world of health and wellness through authentic imagery and positive communication.

Lisa Barbato

PLN Educator

This is my WHY: As someone who has a passion for health and wellness, along with living a very active lifestyle, I struggled with meal prepping and getting the proper nutrients I needed to fuel my body. When I discovered PLN it was a game changer for me. I saw what it did for my own well-being and I knew that I had to deliver the same happiness to others.

Jillian Jardas


Life is too short not to find your passion and pursue it. My passion to make a difference in the world has led me to PLN. I have been given an amazing opportunity to interact and enhance people’s lives while continuing to remain humble and enthusiastic about life. If I can change just one person’s perspective about themselves by guiding them to find their non-scale victories through the education, support and community that PLN can provide for them, then I have succeeded.

Faith Craffey

PLN Educator

I have an intense passion for health and wellness. I can relate to people who are frustrated or feel like food is controlling their lives. I know that it isn’t easy to find answers and even harder to find support when it comes to food choice and preparation. PLN gives me the chance to educate others on nutrition and help them achieve optimal health for the rest of their lives.

Mark McKelvie

PLN Educator

As a Certified Life Coach, my goal is to educate, support, and empower everyone Project LeanNation works with! Everyday, I see the effects of suboptimal health in the lives of individuals in our community. I once struggled with being overweight and at risk for diabetes, so I have a full understanding of the health and lifestyle challenges we all face. Working with people to help them achieve a healthy and balanced life is truly my passion!

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