At Project LeanNation, we believe that nutrition is the foundation of health and that eating well doesn’t need to be a sacrifice or only available to the lucky few. Since day 1, we have strived to make great, simple, healthy meals that can fit into any lifestyle. We want to give people the tools and guidance to set them on a path leading to a healthier happier future. The journey to a happy healthy you may be straightforward, but it is not always easy. And that’s where Project LeanNation comes in.

Our Story – We started Project LeanNation in 2012 with the belief that proper nutrition is for everyone. Rather than confining ourselves to weight loss, we’re interested in putting people in the best possible position to fulfill their life goals and define their ‘why’. We find that there is always a deeper meaning to why someone wants to shed five pounds and once we have helped them realize their why we can take care of their nutrition so they can optimize every area of their life.

Our WHY – Food powers your life. There is no aspect of your life that is not influenced by the relationship you share with food. Food affects who you are, what you do, and your ability to pursue your dreams and aspirations. Healthy eating not only keeps our bodies in better condition to handle illness, aging, and stress, but is the cornerstone for a happy healthy you. We don’t only preach it but we understand it, our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds. From weight loss successes to athletic performance, we want to have the ability to relate to everyone.

Our Mission – Quite simply, our mission is to create and develop an influential community that helps others live optimally through support education and development. 

Our Philosophy – Project LeanNation isn’t about diets, fads or short term fixes. We are about a living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying all its long-term benefits. And while health and nutrition can be serious business, we believe you’re more likely to reach your goals when you’re encouraged to have fun, smile, and feel empowered along the way.


Welcome to Project LeanNation.
Eat Clean – Live Lean.