Heating up your delicious Lean Nation meal is a routine like anything else in your Lean Lifestyle.  There are two methods printed right on the meal but those methods assume you have defrosted your meal for 6 to 8 hours in the fridge prior to your mealtime.  Life, however, has a funny way of not being perfect.  

Plans change.

We don’t want a pesky circumstance to be an excuse to set you off course.  

Since culinary expertise may not be your strong suit we are sharing a few ways to cook PLN meals that you might not be aware of.

These are the recommended ways to heat your delicious Lean nation meal.

Microwave Method
Let’s start with the easiest, the one printed right on the package!  

Grab your defrosted meal out of the refrigerator

Put it in the microwave covered for 90 seconds 

Remove from microwave carefully remove lid


Place the meal uncovered in the microwave for 30 seconds

Enjoy that delicious balanced nutritious meal
Why it works:  Some might wonder why take the lid off at all?  The last 30 seconds without the lid help remove some excess moisture and allow the meal to retain more texture.  That’s a pro tip you can use for reheating anything in the microwave.

EXPERT PLN HACKS: Some meals will release more moisture than others.  If there seems to be excess water in the bottom of the meal when you take off the lid, drain some of the liquid before your final step.

Oven Method
This is my favorite heating method.  If you have the time, this can really bring the meal to life. 

Preheat your oven to 250

Place the oven-safe dish on a cookie sheet (foil will work in a pinch)

Bake for 20 minutes, or until warm in the middle

Revel in your expert baking skills and enjoy some sweet lean grub
I know some of you might be worried about putting our dish in the oven. 

It is oven-safe, you can trust us, our lawyers say it would be wise to be honest about these sorts of things.  However, if you don’t trust it, feel free to use a baking pan of your choice.   

Just don’t get mad at us when the dishes stack up.

Some situations call for outside of the box thinking.  Here’s how you roll with the punches and punch those rolls out of your life.

Microwave Defrost Method
So you forgot to pull your PLN meal out of the freezer and its mealtime, or maybe you’re like me and your girlfriend couldn’t resist eating the delicious PLN falafel in the middle of the night leaving you with a rude surprise before lunch.  Worry not, in 10 minutes you’ll have a delicious meal.

Set your Microwave power level to 50%

Cook for 10 minutes

Remove from microwave carefully

Remove lid carefully

Put back in the microwave for 15 seconds

Revel in your quick thinking and tell your significant other they should sign up for PLN with you so they stop eating your prescribed meals.

In-Store Savior
Caught with no heating device but you’re close to Project LeanNation?  Let an in-store associate help you.  This method leads to good conversation, healthy snacks, and potential friendships.

Bring the meal into your favorite PLN location. 

Use Classic Microwave Method

Talk and eat Turkey with fellow LeanLifer’s

Maybe the traditional heating styles are a little boring for you.  You want to spice it up a bit, but still, stay fit.

Want a crisper dish? Saute your Lean Nation meal over medium heat.

PRO TIP: Add some extra flavor by using Avocado oil which has a plethora of benefits; in fact, 70% of avocado oil consists of heart-healthy oleic acid, a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. Although traditional extra virgin olive oil works fine.

Heat saute pan to just over medium

Add a teaspoon of oil unless you are using a true non-stick pan such as Copper Pots

Add the meal to the pan 

Stir frequently to avoid burning

Viola, you are now looking lean and clean


“What about the water?”

A PLN subscriber asked us recently what to do if their meal contained excess water.

Due to the fresh nature of our meals, sometimes the reheating process will leave you with some excess water in the dish.  First off, follow the mantra of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, DON’T PANIC!

There are two easy fixes:

  1. Put the top on the dish leaving a little room for water to pour out and drain the liquid or….
  2. Go Rochester garbage plate style, and use that excess liquid as a way to mix all the flavors of your dish together, creating a healthy sauce.

There are no wrong answers.

We want to hear the unique ways you reheat your PLN meals.

Share your Lean style with us.


Consider Your Meal Prep Done!

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