Thoughts on Possible 2018 Trends

As the health movement continues to grow each year, new products and practices are introduced, and classic ingredients are resurfaced with beneficial health facts you never knew about. After looking at different articles relating to predicted health trends for 2018, it’s safe to confirm that the world is only going to get healthier. Here is a look at some possible health trends that you might see pop up in 2018:

Air Fried Food

An air fryer works by radiating heat close to the food with constant air flow. The close contact of the heat gets the food crispy on the outside, and the air flow helps cook the food evenly through. If you look at some of the air-fried recipes out there, you’ll notice that everything looks crispy and golden; as if it were made with a traditional frying method.

Kombucha Floats

Are you in love with the probiotic drink known as Kombucha yet? You know, the fermented carbonated beverage that is taking over the world? If you haven’t had Kombucha yet, I’m glad you’re here so you can be reminded to try it, because this trendy  probiotic drink is just getting started. Kombucha is undergoing a modern twist, as it takes on the ever so famous root beer float style. If you look up the hashtag for kombucha floats on Instagram, you can get a sneak peek at what some of the foodie geniuses are doing. Want an example? Take a look at this raspberry lemonade Kombucha spider recipe. kombucha float

Edible Essential Oils

If you think some traditional essential oils smell good enough to eat, edible versions of these soothing tinctures are climbing on the trend scale. edible essential oilOn LorAnn Oils you can learn about a variety of yummy flavors for essential oils, and what kinds of foods they would go best with. For example, she recommends using citrus oils as a replacement for zest. Make sure when you’re looking into purchasing edible essential oils that they say “food grade”, so you don’t end up putting something that tastes like perfume in your dish.

Tea Flavors and Mocktails

 According to an article on Fortune, not only is BBC saying that 2018 will be the year tea wins over coffee, it will also be the rise of mocktails; non-alcoholic specialty drinks. Consumers are growing fond of floral and botanical themes (lavender and rose are leading flavors) for their cocktails. Some people are steering away from alcohol in total, and instead are enjoying herbal mocktails infused with things like basil simple syrup.

Healing Spices and Moringa

If you haven’t tried turmeric-flavored anything yet, I’m sure you’ll get to in 2018, that is, if another spice doesn’t take over. Healing spices are only going to get more popular in 2018. Right now, turmeric is by far one of the leading spices (seen in the popular golden milk, but there’s another spice on the rise. It looks like another nutrient-dense product called moringa is taking the stage in 2018. Moringa is a green powder that comes from the moringa tree, and it has twice the protein of spinach, and  it also has three times as much iron.

Bowl Meals 

Do you drool over smoothie bowls, noodle bowls, rice bowls, anything-in-a-bowl meals? Nutritionist Kim Pearson says 2018 is going to be a time to swap the plates for bowls. Bowl meals tend to be balanced with all the important food groups, and all the important Even if you aren’t a health freak, you can’t overlook some of the deliciously tempting ideas out there, like this Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. spicy chicken teriyaki bowl

Root-to-Stem Cooking

In 2018, Healthline predicts that using the entire part of fruits and vegetables is going to get very popular. As consumers introduce more fruits and vegetables into their diet, the more they’re going to start engaging with every edible part of the plant. How does a picked watermelon rind sound? You might think it sounds unappetizing, but if you’re motivated by health, knowing the benefits of eating watermelon rind might persuade you to try it. It turns out that many of the scraps people typically throw away are not only edible, but packed with nutrients.

Exotic Mushrooms

An article on Care 2 Healthy Living says that people are going to start buying many different varieties of mushrooms. assorted mushroom basket Some people are afraid to eat this nutrient-packed food, but as more varieties of mushrooms come to the shelves, the more people are finding ones that work for their palates. When cooking with mushrooms, remember that they’re all different, and certain types work better with certain flavors and cooking methods.  

Sarah is a food blogger from the Adirondack Park. She is a contributor with the PLN blog and  the author of Health Indulgence Blog, and she enjoys developing nutritional recipes in her spare time.
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