A recent International Food Information Council study found ‘intermittent fasting’ to be the most popular diet among Americans in 2020.  In the study, ‘intermittent fasting’ just barely edged out ‘clean eating’.  Not that it’s a competition.   

If you’re intermittent fasting the correct way, then you are also eating clean.  

Johns Hopkins Medicine neuroscientist Mark Mattson, Ph.D. said in The New England Journal of Medicine. “It can be easy to overeat when a fast breaks, either because you’re feeling ravenous or you justify to yourself that you’re making up for lost calories.”   

If you’ve tried fasting or just started you know the feeling; it’s like your first hangover, your body is craving all the ‘things’ and you’re not used to it so you start reaching for those comfort foods that provide the ‘quick fix’.  Unfortunately, we know all too well how that story ends, or rather doesn’t…you continue to crave more trashy food sending you and your mood in a downward spiral.

This hurdle is the hardest to jump for first-time fasters, continue reading to become the Lolo Jones of fasting.

Hurldle Unhealthy Cravings

Hurdle those unhealthy cravings like Lolo!

Are you ready for the big reveal?  Calm down, Ty Pennington it’s not that crazy. 

Extreme Makeover: You Edition

5 Simple Rules of a Healthy Intermittent Fasting Diet


Rule #1: Prepare Your Meals 

Like Lolo or any Olympian will confirm, success is about preparation, and successful intermittent fasting is no exception. We’ve already explained how meal prep improves productivity.  It is also the best way to make sure your intermittent fasting provides you with desired results.  Of course, if you have trouble prepping your meals, we’ve got you covered.  

Rule #2: Keep Smart Snacks Around

When it comes to snacking, stick to smart whole foods when possible i.e. fresh fruits, nuts, and veggies.  Also, keep health bars on hand, One bar is ‘one’ of our favorites; (forgive the bad pun, couldn’t resist).  These can sometimes be lifesavers in the clutch, and are much better for you than actual Life Savers.   

Rule #3: Your Last Meal is More Important Than Your First

The final meal you eat will need to satiate you for 16 hours.  Be smart.  Eat a fiber-filled protein-rich meal that has healthy fats.  Don’t make your last meal a paltry snack or those 16 hours will feel like 160.  

Rule #4: Know Your Options

Sometimes you’ll forget your meal, or you’ll be out and need to eat on the run.  Have some go-to fast casual restaurants and learn how to order something healthy off of any menu.  Familiarize yourself with the healthiest options at your local convenience stores.  

Rule #5: Keep a Routine

The most important of all the rules is to keep a routine.  If you have 8 or fewer hours to eat it is key to have a strong schedule in place as your body begins to acclimate itself to fasting.  This way, after a few days, that 16 hour fast will feel like a breeze.  Soon enough you’ll be forgetting to eat your first meal.  That’s what we call a “good problem”.  If you are having trouble with keeping a routine, try one of the new intermittent fasting apps.


These rules are pretty simple, but also extremely important.  Stick with them and you will reap the full reward of an intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Rule Number 1 is Meal Prep

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